Hilarious notes that prove children say the funniest things

Time to dig out all those passive aggressive notes stuck to the fridge...

kids funny notes

We're always told that kids say the funniest things, but sometimes when we spend all day with them (while they scream and throw things at us) we forget how perceptive, funny and frankly downright smart they can be.

Not to mention adorably cute.

From passive aggressive notes left on the fridge to sentimental messages inside birthday cards and, let's face it, scrawlings on any surface they deem suitable, kids really have a way with words.

And although we shouldn't necessarily be condoning these little messages, sometimes they are just too hilarious not to want to share with our friends. We all have our favourites here in the GoodtoKnow office, but which of these hilarious note-makers will make YOU laugh the most... ?

1. The one who has high standards for his homeschooling lessons


It's tough times for parents who have to homeschool kids as schools shut in many countries, but some kids clearly have high standards - and parents have little patience.

Mum Candice Hunter Kennedy shared her son Ben's journal on Facebook, who was very honest about the fact that 'it is not going good...' Good luck, Candice!

2. The one who knows how to motivate someone...especially themselves

This little girl was in the midst of her SATS exams and left a motivational note to herself to read in the morning. As well as encouraging herself to get up in time to enjoy some 'brain food' aka eggs on toast, she also reminds herself that she should have plaited hair as she'll be cycling. With just two exams left to go the little girl finishes her note by saying 'be happy, like a unicorn eating doughnuts on a rainbow'. Now, that's some advice we can all follow...

3. The one who's not afraid to hold back with the bald jokes

Image: Reddit

Harsh but true.

4. The one who's definitely ballsy


Nice try, Collin.

5. The one who is almost convincing

A photo posted by on

Dear wife...

6. The one who likes things done properly


Can we sync our iCalendars?

7. The one who loves a list


Well you wouldn't want to forget to dye the carpet pink, would you?

8. The one who believes in consequences


And how old are you now... ?

9. The one who is learning early


Keep a stiff upper lip.

10. The one who has warned you


Valerie you might want to avoid any situations with an axe.

11. The one who has thrown you under the bus


You didn't show this to your teacher did you?!?

12. The one who puts family first


Is it wrong that this seems really adorable?

13. The one who is quite the poet


We're more concerned about 'wings of butterflies... '

14. The one who had good intentions


Yeh, that cottage pie you make is really something.

15. The one who just really loves bacon


Anyone for bacon?

16. The one who has their priorities in order


Have you been speaking to your dad again?

17. The one who won't be told how to feel


You do you.

18. The one who appreciates the small things in life


Vital, really.

19. The one who wasn't ready to go back to school



20. The one who is REALLY a cat lover


Puzzled by the lack of felines in the police force, five-year-old Eliza Adamson-Hopper sent a letter to Durham Police explaining why cats would be just as useful as dogs in fighting crime.

The response to her adorable letter came from Chief Constable Michael Barton, a fellow cat lover, who said he was going to speak to the inspector in charge of police dogs about her 'good idea'. We're sure cats will be pleased to hear they'll have to work alongside dogs soon...

Do you have any of your own funny notes of your own to share with us? Leave us a comment below!


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