16 hilarious pregnancy brain fails that will make you feel better about yours

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  • Your body is amazing, and it goes through a whole lot of changes during the nine wonderful months of pregnancy.

    It’s busy growing teeny feet and tiny ears, making milk as well as stretching to accommodate something that will, eventually, become the size and weight of a watermelon. A. WATERMELON.

    So, you can be forgiven when you forget to close the car door, or when matching shoes just weren’t a priority, it’s pregnancy brain fog and it strikes wherever, whenever – and make sure your loved ones know that too.

    Psst! We’ve also heard rumours that it can hang around for up to two years after you’ve had your baby…

    And ladies, trust us when we tell you that it’s a very real phenomenon, as these women will testify…

    ‘This isn’t normal!!! All day I was inside out!! Pregnancy brain controlling my life!!’

    ‘I spent the whole night with mismatching shoes on. Had no clue. Can’t see my feet anyway’

    ‘You know what kind of day it’s going to be…’

    ‘I sent a birthday card to my sister-in-law Sara and signed it from Sara… my name is Whitney’

    ‘Ruins vacay’

    ‘Apparently pregnancy brain never ends’

    ‘I got home from the Drs and noticed that I wasn’t wearing any pants, I don’t for the life of me remember taking them off, now I’m just wondering if I ever put any on… but someone would have said something, right?’

    ‘I forgot company’s name while talking to a client!’

    ‘I threw banana away instead of the peel’

    ‘This is how I made my cereal this morning!’

    ‘I had been visiting my sister for an hour’

    ‘I got distracted by a game on the computer and forgot I had a friend over just sat in the other room’

    ‘I forgot to fold over the apple turnovers before baking’

    ‘I called my husband at work because I couldn’t remember which toothbrush as mine’

    ‘I was stood in the street for ages just staring at this trying to remember what it was, a bird leaf? Wisp? Flyer?’

    ‘I took the tooth, forgot to leave the money!’

    What was your worst pregnancy brain fail? Let us know in the comments box below.

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