How average is your family?

An new 'alternative' census has revealed some interesting stats about the average family. How does your family compare?

An new 'alternative' census of 2,000 families has revealed some interesting stats about the average family.

The findings give a real insight into the average British family telling us everything from their fave TV programme to the amount they spend on food shopping per week. Here are the results - do they sound familiar?

  • The average family go to bed at 10.39pm

  • They get up at 6.57am

  • Mothers do most of the chores in the house

  • Fathers tend to moan about cost of living

  • Average food bill is £76.02 and £12 on alcohol

  • They own a silver Ford focus

  • They own a semi-detached and have a mortgage (with nearly 32% of it paid off)

  • Holidays twice a year

  • Doctor Who is their fave programme on the telly

  • Fave dinners include; Spag bol on a Monday, Pasta bake on a Tuesday, Chicken pie on Wednesday and Cottage pie on a Thursday

  • 68% of them think the recession has left them with less 'money in their pocket'

You've been telling us on Facebook how you and your family match up.

When asked about having a 2 holidays a year and a big family outing once a month, you said:

Margaret Jubb 'Just once a year, can't afford more than that lol x'

Sue Younghusband 'Not had a holiday for 10 years, lol family outings aren't once a month either. Who exactly do they survey??'

Georgette Turner 'Same here, not normal for us! We go to Centre Parcs in March with loads of family to spread the cost of the villas, kids have never been abroad and don't have passports. Me and hubby went on honeymoon to Rome last November - first time abroad in 10 years!! We never have "days out". Can't afford them!'

When asked about spending £76.02 a week on food, £12 on booze and eating out a twice a month , you said:

Nikki Hallen 'We don't eat out (we get a takeout approx once a month) food sounds about right, and about £4/£5 on booze (a nice bottle of wine/a few bottles of cider for the weekend) :-)'

Lesley Lorraine Garwood 'God knows where I'm going wrong then! My shop is always £150 a week! But that includes everything.'

Zoe Cole '£76 about right, but just me and 2 children. No booze, and definitely NO eating out or take outs, just can't afford it. Hardly ever buy meat, if we do it's always special offer. It's'

When asked if you get up at 6.57am and switch the lights out at 10.39pm, you said:

Yvonne Crossland 'I'm not a morning person so on school days it's usually about 8.15am (kids are up before me lol) when I'm up, but during hols it's about 10/11ish, going to bed anytime between 11 & 12.'

Adele Forrington 'Get up just before that and most nights go to bed around that time :) as for the rest of the family..... that's a different story lol.'

Dolina Sugary Princess Barnes 'Close. Hubby is up at 5am and I am up between 6am & 7am and we are usually in bed by 10:30pm. Our 14 month old has a dream feed drink of milk at 10:30pm then falls back to sleep and we join him (in our own bed not literally join him in the cot lol) x'

How does your family compare to the above? Let us know in our comments sections below.