Is it just me? The Toddler Edition

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  • Emma from The Aspiring Yummy Mummy

     was selected by our BISS August panel and in her guest blog opens up about what it’s really like to be an the parent of a toddler …

    Since becoming a mum 18 months ago I’ve learnt a lot. Way more than I ever expected. In the weeks leading up to birth I thought I was an expert in the world of expectant parent, minus the labour bit, I totally didn’t want to know anything about that other than the fact that I’d take any drugs on offer.

    Anyway turns out I didn’t know that much and everyday was a learning curve; fun but a major learning curve. And then just when I thought I’d got to grips with Baby Town he started walking and became a toddler and that opened up a whole new world of fun. And basically all rules went out the window. This got me thinking…

    Is it just me or has chocolate become your new best friend? Not because it tastes so good but because it’s the miracle cure to tears/moaning/basically everything.

    Is it just me whose daily cardio consists of running after a toddler as they execute their escape-from-Sainsbury’s plan?

    Is it just me that hates soft play? I’ve tried so hard to embrace it but I can’t. Seriously the most stressful experience ever.

    Is it just me that feels like Rebecca and Andy (aka the cBeebies crew) are my new besties? I reckon I spend more time with them than I do my fiancé.

    Is it just me that can’t remember the last time they had a haircut? An hour at the hairdressers? Don’t be silly.

    Is it just me that tries so hard at the arts and crafts thing but never quite pulls it off? Broken crayons, artwork on the walls and Playdoh in mouth, that’s not how it goes on Pinterest is it?!

    Is it just me who is slightly envious of their child’s toys? Seriously my son’s Ikea kitchen is amazing and don’t even get me started on his pots and pans.

    Is it just me who has no concept of what time or day it is? I forget things, I double book things (saying no to Strictly tickets because I don’t know what day of the week it is was a killer) and fully own the title of ‘Worse Texter Backer Ever’. This is a public apology to anybody I still haven’t texted back, soz.

    Is it just me who despite the tiredness (thanks 18 month sleep regression, you were totally welcome to come and hang out with us), handprints and nostril marks on every window in the house, and the constant indigestion, is having the best time ever being a mummy to a toddler? The cuddles, the ‘mummy’s’ and general being my little boy’s everything is my favourite thing ever.

    Motherhood has its moments but it’s massively outweighed by the highs. Even if that means that I have to share my chocolate and fish Playdoh out of my son’s mouth whilst Rebecca and Andy watch on, totally judging me.

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