Fans defend Jacqueline Jossa after she posts picture of 13-month-old daughter with make-up brush

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  • Hundreds of mums have leapt to the defence of EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa against trolls who criticise her parenting.

    The 23-year-old mum is used to being on the receiving end of comments about her capabilities as a mother to 13-month-old Ella and her relationship with fiancΓ© Dan Osborne.

    In the past the mother-of-one has been forced to defend herself against allegations that her daughter was ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’, not least by columnist Katie Hopkins who said her daughter’s hair would be like having ‘a spider on your pillow’.


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    Jacqueline has also faced criticism over not including Dan’s child from a previous relationship, Teddy, in her family photos.

    Fiona Casey said; ‘So weird how you’re engaged to Dan, but don’t post pictures of his son on your insta even though your practically his step mum? Your family includes more than just the 3 of you…’

    Fashionable little pumpkin πŸ’œπŸ’“

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    But finally the tables have turned this week and fans finally stood up for the actress, who has been with TOWIE reality star Dan since 2013.

    Jacqueline took to her Instagram account at the weekend to share a snap of her 13-month-old daughter Ella playing with her make-up brush.

    Jacqueline captioned the picture: ‘Ella is growing up too quickly! Don’t tell daddy.’

    But, already aware of the potential criticism she faced, she added; ‘For the haters, calm down there is nothing on the brush, just copying her mummy. Chill. Also she is now a little mix fan.’

    At the time of writing almost 200 fans have taken to the post to voice their support for the young mum.

    Hayley said; ‘My little girl is similar age to Ella I take all the very similar pictures as you of her my little girl but I don’t have to explain myself so wrong that people judge all you celebrities so much kids and kids and they learn by copying what we do and of course we are going to take a photo of them and laugh because it’s funny!’

    Amy Stardust agreed; ‘My daughter has her own unused makeup brushes to copy me and she is nearly two.’

    Jordan Lea added; ‘I hate that we have to automatically defend ourselves nowadays for having makeup fun with our children every child does it we should be encouraging their creativeness not claim were making them grow up too quickly! It’s fun!’

    Rachel Joanne admitted that even her two-year-old son enjoys doing his makeup in the morning and she loves him doing it because it ‘keeps him quiet’.

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