‘Aren’t their parents all over that like a rash?’ Jamie Oliver SLAMS parents who let their kids share photos online

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  • Jamie Oliver has criticised parents for ‘letting’ their teenage daughters share ‘porno’ selfies online.

    The 42-year-old TV star and his wife, Jools, 42, are avid social media users themselves.

    The pair – who have been married for 17 years – enjoy posting photos of all five of their children on Instagram, and do so regularly. From Buddy bear’s bath photos to beach family photos, they share sweet snaps with their combined 6.2million followers.

    [instagram] https://www.instagram.com/p/BVt46TxBKgr/?hl=en&taken-by=jamieoliver[/instagram]But when it comes to selfies, it seems to be a different story. Talking on popular podcast The Lifestyle News Hound, the celebrity chef admitted that he’s banned his 14-year-old daughter, Daisy, from posting selfies, comparing them to pornography.

    Jamie went on to criticise parents who let their children post provocative snaps online: ‘We’re the first generation of parents to deal with [social media].’

    He added: ‘I’m going to generalise massively here, but from my observation so far, at 13 to 14 the kind of pictures girls are putting up, from what I have seen, are split 50/50 – a normal young girl and then this weird hybrid of, dare I say it, quite porno, luscious, pouty lips, pushing boobs out.’

    The dad-of-five went on to say: ‘I’m like, “My god!” I don’t even want to look at some of the things my daughter shows me. I’m like, “Really? Aren’t their parents all over that like a rash?”‘

    Along with wife, Jools, Jamie said: ‘We banned Daisy from doing selfies. It’s almost the sugar of social media. It’s a quick way to get some sort of pat on the back or love.’

    The couple have three daughters – Poppy Honey, 15, Daisy Boo, 14, and Petal Blossom, eight – as well as sons Buddy Bear, seven, and 15-month-old River Rocket.

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