Katie Price SLAMS critics saying she is adopting for publicity

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  • Katie Price has hit back at critics who accused her of adopting a child for publicity.

    Appearing on Loose Women she told the panel: ‘You don’t adopt a child for publicity, that is stupid. We’re talking about a human being here. There are lots of things I could do for publicity I’m not going to go and get a child for publicity.’

    ‘I’ve said it for years and years and I feel now is the right time for me.’

    The mum-of-five also revealed she’s planning to adopt from abroad, and has been approached by a Bulgarian orphanage, who contacted her after finding out she is keen to adopt. However, she admitted to not yet deciding which country to adopt from.

    Katie explained to the other women she hopes to adopt a newborn baby, rather than an older child, as she would not want any issues to affect her other children.

    ‘If I have a five or six or seven-year-old, and it’s got problems I don’t want it to affect my other kids’.

    Speaking about how her husband, Kieran Hayler, thought of her decision to adopt, she said: ‘Right now, he doesn’t understand why I want to adopt because I can still have my own children. But I have eleven bedrooms in my house and they need to be filled.’

    Katie first revealed her plans to adopt during a a Facebook Live stream, when the glamour model and TV personality Katie told viewers that she wants to adopt a child and has already started the legal process to do so.

    Katie already had five children whom she speaks very openly about.

    Her eldest son Harvey is now 14 years old, and suffers with blindness, autism and Prader-Willi syndrome. Since welcoming Harvey in 2002, Katie has had four more children, including Junior, 11 and Princess, nine, who shares with ex-husband, singer and reality TV star Peter Andre.

    Katie’s latest additions to her brood have been Jett, three, and Bunny, two, who she shares with her husband, 29-year-old Kieran Hayler.

    Now Katie is ready for more, but doesn’t feel as though physically she can or wants to be pregnant again. She explained, ‘I feel like I don’t want any myself physically, I feel like a baby machine… I want to give my body a rest!’

    The mum of five feels that she has the right financial stability and environment to raise another child who is a lot less fortunate than her own, telling listeners on Friday, ‘If I’ve got the money, love and support it’s better than a child being dead or not having a home… I’ve always said I’d love to adopt and I feel this is the right child now to do it’.

    Katie with her five children – Harvey, Junior, Princess, Jett and Bunny

    But even if you’re a celebrity, adopting isn’t always as simple as you would hope. Katie also revealed that the biggest thing keeping her from a child that needs her is the difficult legal process and checks that need to be done on eligible parents.

    The 38 year old said, ‘the problem isn’t just getting a child, that’s the easy bit, it’s all the checks’ before adding, ‘I’m just waiting to be interviewed by the adoption agency.’