Katie Price faces criticism for allowing three-year-old son to wear nappies

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  • Fans of Katie Price have rushed to the star’s defence, after she was criticised for allowing her three-year-old son to wear nappies.

    The mum of five posted a sweet photo to Instagram, showing three of her children in front of a roaring fire at home. She captioned the cosy pic: ‘2 horses to ride then inside to join the kids by the fire’.

    With Peppa Pig playing on the TV, Jett and his older brother and sister – Junior, 11, and Princess, nine – look cosy and happy in the cute photo.

    However, rather than praising the mum for her adorable image, one fan in particular was quick to notice that three-year-old Jett was wearing a nappy in the photo. ‘How old is jet? He’s still in nappies 😩’ the user commented.

    2 horses to ride then inside to join the kids by the fire 🔥

    A post shared by Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) on

    Many of Katie’s 1.3m followers jumped to the star’s defence, blasting the negative comment and praising the mum for her parenting skills.

    One wrote: ‘It’s so unnecessary being rude about someone’s family. Why would you even comment. You’re doing a great job @officialkatieprice your kids are beautiful’

    Another added: ‘My daughter is 3 next month and wears pull ups to bed or if she’s poorly… There’s no need to rush these things. Kids grow up too fast these days. They all get there eventually!’

    In fact many parents were quick to comment that their own children were Jett’s age or older and still wearing nappies: ‘Omg are you kidding me with the nappy comments!!!! My son is 3 and still wears a nappy!!! GET A LIFE!!!!! It’s a lovely photo @officialkatieprice xx’ said one, with another adding: ‘So rude! My son is 3 and wears pull ups for bed. Is this a crime?! #mindyourown’

    Katie hasn’t responded to the criticism yet, but it’s not the first time the mum has come under fire for her parenting style.

    The star was also blasted for piercing her one-year-old daughter’s ears. Katie shared a photo of little Bunny with the studs back in May, and many of her followers took to Instagram to slam the mum for her choice.

    Little bops ❤️❤️

    A post shared by Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) on

    ‘It’s unnecessary to pierce a babies ears, they’re pretty enough without decorating them like a Christmas tree!’ one said, while others even went as far as to refer to the piercings as ‘child abuse’.

    What age did your little ones stop wearing nappies? Should we be judging other mums on the age their kids wear nappies until? Let us know in the comments below

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