Katie Price wins praise from fans after speaking out about online bullying on reality show My Crazy Life

'Your an amazing mum'

Katie Price has won praise from fans over her stance on online bulling after addressing the subject in the latest episode of her reality show, Katie Price: My Crazy Life.

During the episode, Katie was seen discussing the issue with her mum, Amy, saying she wanted to create a petition to name and shame online trolls - a topic she's spoken out about in the past in relation to eldest son Harvey, who has been the target of cruel abuse.

'I think there should be a social predator list,' she explained of her idea. 'Say if someone came to you for an interview, and you really liked them and someone said "we've got this on them", and then you read that they're on this social predator list, because they've been racists, trolled or abusive, you know what I mean?'

'I want to get a petition ready that people can sign, I want to go to the Houses of Parliament. You need 100,000 signatures for them to even think about debating it. My position being in the public eye, I've got a voice people can listen to. Social media is so strong these days, with all my followers, with one message I can get across to 8 million people straight away.'

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'I can't believe the trolls with Harvey that you mentioned on your show. Your an amazing mum,' one fan said, whilst another agreed: 'watching new show omg people that pick on havey need to grow up I can't believe what they say I agree with the list #iwillsign'.

Others praised Katie's touching relationship with Harvey, who has multiple conditions, including partial blindness, Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and ADHD, particularly when it came to a scene where he was visibly startled by a noise at the door, and was comforted by his mum.

'Hats off 2 @KatiePrice 👀 her show on @QuestRedtv admire the way she handles Harvey,didn't realise how difficult it is,total respect 2 her👌🏼😘,' one said.

'Harvey is so sweet. Its so awful that people troll him. As a mother of a child with ASD it hits a nerve with me. #KPMyCrazyLife' a second wrote.

When the first episode of the show aired last week, many applauded the mum-of-five for her 'hilarious' return to screens, in two back-to-back episodes which saw her clearing out old belongings from her house, unveiling a portrait of herself painted by a fan she met on Instagram, and welcoming two alpacas into her already busy home.

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'So pleased @KatiePrice has made a return to our screens on #QuestRed 💞 Junior & Princess are so funny 😂#mycrazylife' one viewer wrote on Twitter, followed by another who agreed: '@KatiePrice #mycrazylife is now my new guilty pleasure! Loved the show tonight 😍'

'@QuestTV thank you #questred for making #Mondaynights bearable with #katieprice #mycrazylife Can't wait for next week #myguiltypleasure,' another applauded.

However, other social media users were less than complimentary about the programme, particularly with regards to a scene where Katie's husband Kieran Hayler 'squeezed her boobs' in front of a shocked-looking Junior and Princess.

'Do any parents do that in front of their children?!' Junior, 12, asked the cameras, to which Katie replies 'Junior, what's weird?'

'Oh, yeah, it's just normal for Kieran to go up to you and squeeze your boobs,' he responded, although an unfazed Katie simply shot back: 'Everyone squeezes my boobs, Junior'.

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10-year-old Princess, meanwhile, was seen trying to cover up her mother's assets with her coat, to which one audience member commented: 'When your child is covering your assets up...I'd listen to what she's saying... getting to that age now where its going to matter what you do.'

'Yet another programme to embarrass her poor kids!' another exclaimed, whilst a third concurred: 'Junior is right, it's not normal'.

Some simply took contention with the concept of the show itself, with one tweeting: '#Mycrazylife turned it off after 10 minutes what is this staged sh*t'.

A second critical comment read: 'I will be watching paint dry, more interesting!!'

Katie Price: My Crazy Life airs on QuestRed on Monday nights at 10pm


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