6 daily struggles you’ll have when your kids are taller than you

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  • One day you had a tiny little baby, who you could hold in one arm, and the next thing you know your baby has gone and grown to be taller than you!

    Not only is this simply not fair (why did they get the gift of height and you didn’t?) but also, there are elements of motherhood that are challenged by the height difference.

    Here are the six tricky things only a mum who is smaller than her child will really understand…

    1. Discipline isn’t easy

    You’re trying to be serious, tell them they’ve done wrong and then you notice your neck is hurting. Teaching a child life lessons isn’t nearly as easy when you have to stare up at them while doing so.

    2. Family photos are a highly technical operation

    There’s no way you’ll be letting your babies look taller than you, even though everyone knows the truth. This tends to mean enforced knee bending for them and a tiptoe pose from you.

    3. As your child has grown, so have the heels on your shoes

    You don’t like wearing heels, or necessarily suit them, but you need them so you can still give the kids a good old hug from above.

    4. They’re big enough to man handle you

    In fact, there have been times when your own child, your offspring, the angel you gave birth to, has physically picked you up and moved you out of their way.

    5. You find yourself standing on steps, walls, escalators…

    Just so you can look them in the eye, without your face meeting their chest.

    6. Somehow cuddles have been reversed

    And now you’re the one who gets enveloped in a big old bear hug, not the other way round. 

    But then again, there are the advantages too…

    Those long arms can reach a lot of shelves and cupboards that you could only dream of reaching without a chair.

    And even though they’ve grown…

    … You know they’ll always be your baby.

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