Make your child's drawings famous with Kinder Chocolate!

Do your little ones love drawing? Kinder Chocolate has a wonderful chance for your mini Monets or budding Picassos to use their talents to become famous!

Kinder Chocolate has launched a competition to encourage kids' creativity by creating a portrait of themselves - and the prize is something very special.

What's the prize?

The 6 winning artists will get a picture of themselves and their self-portrait printed on the front of Kinder Chocolate packs. Imagine going into a shop and seeing your child’s picture on a pack.

And that's not all! The 6 winners will be invited to a fancy photoshoot in London to take the pictures for the Kinder Chocolate packs - and made to feel like the mini stars that they are.

All of the self-portraits entered into the competition will be put on public display so every child who enters will be able to enjoy their moment of fame.

How do you enter?

• There are three age categories: 4-6 years, 7-9 years and 10-12 years. • Your child can use whatever materials they like - pens, pencils, paints, chalk, crayons, collage, even a computer-generated image! • Once they've finished their mini masterpiece, take a photo of them holding their portrait and upload it at before midnight on 31 August, 2015.

How are the winners picked?

All the entries will be displayed on the website, where you'll get the chance to vote for your favourites (you can vote for as many children as you like but you can only vote once for each child). The top 120 self-portraits will be submitted to a team of expert judges who will pick a winner in each of the three age categories.

Tips for budding artists

Their self-portrait can be as expressive as they like - and they don't have to be perfect to win, so let their imaginations run wild! The judges will be looking for creativity and how much of the artist's personality shines through their artwork.

Finally, take a look at to see the entries so far and get your child ready to enjoy a session of creative fun - it'll beat any selfie hands-down!


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