Kinderperfect: The party game that’s been dubbed ‘Cards Against Humanity for parents’

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  • Every party needs a good game to get it going – and if you’ve got kids, Kinderperfect could prove to be the most hilarious one yet.

    The game was devised and crowdfunded by Amy and Wayan Vota, who have two children together. On their website, they explain how they love Cards Against Humanity, but felt that it ‘didn’t really speak to’ their experience as parents.

    ‘We then thought we should make a real card deck for our fellow neighbourhood parents, but they told us to think bigger,’ the pair continue. ‘In between fits of laughter trying to answer cards like “Why is mommy mad?” or “What’s that smell?”, they convinced us to launch a Kickstarter to bring KinderPerfect to every parent.’

    They start so early… and never stop!

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    The couple raised $20,000 to make their idea a reality, and have devised a full game which allows you to complete highy relatable sentences such as ‘Why does mommy drink?’, ‘I call this hairstyle ________’, and ‘Normally I can cope, but ________ broke me’, all with equally comedic responses.

    A perfect Father's Day gift!

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    If you’ve ever called Caillou a ‘whiny bitch’ or faced a full-blown tantrum over the use of the ‘wrong sippy cup’, chances are a game of Kinderperfect will have you crying tears of laughter. But how can you get your hands on a set?

    This was our night. How was yours?

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    You have two options – the game, which contains 400 cards, retails from $24.95, or around £18.70 at the time of writing, but if you’re in the UK, you’re facing an additional $16.38 for postage, which takes 7 to 21 business days.

    Be honest: Can you relate? Yes? Then you need #KinderPerfect in your life!

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    Alternatively, you can ask the Votas to send you print-at-home PDF, which allows you to make your own set for free.

    If you have any further questions, you can seek contact through the website, although as Amy and Wayan say themselves: ‘We’ll get back to you as fast as we can, but as parents too, please be patient. We’re probably in the middle of making mac and cheese for dinner. Again.’

    Will you be buying Kinderperfect to play with your friends and family? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!