Sam Faiers shares snap of lactation cookies, but what are they?

The cookies are said to naturally help with lactation

Lactation cookies are being used by breastfeeding mothers like Sam Faiers, but what actually are they?

New mummy Sam Faiers, who gave birth to her first child in January, recently sparked curiosity when she shared a picture of her breastfeeding cookies on social media.

Showing fans the intriguing snacks on Snapchat, the reality TV star put the spotlight on the new natural trend meant to help breastfeeding mums.

Image: Sam Faiers/Snapchat

And it's not just celebrities like Sam who including this new biscuit trend in their breastfeeding diet. A quick look on social media shows a host of 'normal' breastfeeding mums who are sharing photos of homemade lactation cookies online.

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Lactation cookies, as they're commonly known, are said to help mums increase lactation because they contain galactagogues, herbs that induce and increase the production of milk.

Galactagogues herbs include fennel, fenugreek, blessed thistle, alfalfa, and nettle, which can also be taken in tea or capsules.

In the UK, a batch of 5 cookies costs £10.50 from stockist Oh Me Oh Mamma. The recommended dose is one to two cookies a day for the first couple of days of breastfeeding.

Besides the galactagogues and the usual ingredients like butter and eggs, Sam's breastfeeding cookies are also packed with oats, flaxseed and brewer's yeast that helps fight fatigue and baby blues, according to the company's website.

The cookies are said to help breastfeeding mums produce more milk

They're not a quick fix though. The cookies are said to have an impact on a mother's production of milk over a period of time, so it can take a few days before mums see results.

Speaking to Liverpool Echo, Alishia Thomas, a mum from Liverpool and the owner of Oh Me Oh Mamma, explained why she started including the cookies in her breastfeeding pamper boxes for new mums.

'I tried making a batch myself but they came out wrong and they were awful so I commissioned a local company to come up with a recipe and make them for me. I did the same with the tea and created my own blend for women who may not be keen on trying the traditional fenugreek, fennel and raspberry to boost milk supply', she said.

Fancy trying them? There are plenty of recipes for lactation cookies online, so you can easily bake some yourself!


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