Laura Hamilton opens up about 'excruciating' near-fatal labour

Laura's husband Alex also spoke of his concerns

Laura Hamilton and husband Alex Goward have spoken about the difficult birth of their daughter Tahila last May, revealing that Laura could have died.

Laura, who presents A Place In The Sun, said that she had to have an emergency caesarean after her waters broke prematurely and she experienced high levels of pain.

In an interview with OK! magazine, Laura says, 'With Tahlia I'd planned a Caesarean, but a week before it was scheduled, I went into labour and woke up in the night in excruciating pain.

'Alex rushed me to hospital and I ended up having another emergency operation.'

Laura's husband Alex goes on to reveal further details of the potentially fatal delivery, saying: 'The surgeons said Laura's uterus was so thin that if she'd pushed it could have been fatal.'

After the scary experience, Laura and Alex were warned by the doctors that they would not be able to have any more children naturally, and that the TV presenter would need a caesarean in the future if the couple chose to have another baby.

However, Laura revealed that both her and Alex were happy keeping their family number down to four and weren't planning any more babies in the future.

She said, 'Both Alex and I come from two-child families. We feel lucky that we've had both a girl and a boy and our family feels complete.'

At the time of Tahila's birth Laura took to Instagram to share the good news with her followers, posting a picture of an 'it's a girl' banner to reveal the birth, before sharing a sweet snap of her and her new baby girl later on.

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The couple also have two-year-old son Rocco together, who was born in 2013. For her first born Laura revealed the news via her Twitter account, telling fans that her 'gorgeous baby son arrived at 5.58 this morning!' before adding, 'Alex and I are both overwhelmed with joy.'

After her difficult birth it looks like Laura is balancing her career and motherhood easily as she explained in her interview that her children travel with her while she's filming. Laura said, 'People think travelling with children is difficult but it's such a fantastic experience for them. They've been to South Africa, Tuscany, Florida, Cyprus - the list goes on and on.'

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