‘If I didn’t have my phone I think I’d go insane’ – Blogger reveals life as a stay-at-home mum is ‘boring’

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  • A mum blogger has spoken out on how life as a stay-at-home mum is a lot more boring than what she expected in a post many other mums in a similar position may relate to.

    Laura Mazza, an Australian mum of two and author of her Mum On The Run blog, admits she was ‘delusional’ for thinking her days as a mum would be filled with tea parties and shopping with her kids.

    ‘When I was single, I imagined what being at home as a stay at home mum would be like,’ she writes.

    ‘The thought of playing in a playroom and having tea parties and napping while the children nap sounded pretty appealing.

    ‘How hard would it be to go to cafes with two polite little children, and go around to the shops buying fashionable getups for me and my kids?

    ‘HA, you idiot. How delusional you were.’

    Laura reflects on how she can’t get too immersed in entertaining herself, because she can’t keep her eyes off her kids for very long.

    ‘There’s no one to talk to… only people to write to, but if you write too much, you might miss your daughter picking up a piece of fluff and choking on it.

    ‘So you have to just stare. Stop and stare.’


    The 30-year-old mum also feels like her options for outings are limited.

    ‘Every day is a battle of what’s worse, mingling with people, going to a child friendly place so I can have a guiltless day that I gave my children entertainment, OR, sitting on my lounge room floor while my daughter plays with a gift ribbon she found somewhere and I listen to the dishwasher do its thing.’

    She’s ever so thankful for the entertainment her phone brings, and the freedom that comes with nap times.

    ‘If I didn’t have my phone I think I’d go insane.

    ‘If there wasn’t nap times to look forward to I think I’d be admitted.’

    Laura can’t really be bothered to clean her kitchen, as she knows it will be in vain – and she’s getting tired of cooking dinner day after day.

    ‘I hesitate to clean the kitchen because well, dinner will make it messy again. Then it leads me to thinking, why do these people want dinner every night? Seriously?

    ‘Sometimes I wish we could just live off takeaway and frozen food so there would be no mess to clean up.’


    Despite all of her negative feelings, Laura ends her post by saying how grateful and happy she is to be in her position – watching her children complete milestones, and having a husband who earns enough to enable her to stay home.

    ‘But I’m not ungrateful. Don’t be mistaken. I know I could go to work and use all that money I earn just to pay for childcare… now wouldn’t that be even more fun?

    ‘But I’m happy, I am… While I write this I’m on the other side of the hallway smiling at my daughter while she commando crawls down to me.

    ‘I love them. I love it, I do… just sometimes it’s a bit boring. You know?’

    To all stay-at-home mums: can you relate to Laura, or do you feel like you’re too busy to get bored? Let us know in the comments below!