Lego release a pair of feet-protecting slippers

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  • Parents across the country rejoice, as the soles of your feet are able to go back to the safety of their pre-children days without fear of retribution from a stray Lego brick.

    Toy-makers Lego have just released a pair of ‘anti-lego’ slippers designed to protect your feet from the sheer agony of a concealed block of Lego in the carpet.

    And not a moment too soon with Christmas fast approaching and children across the country penning their Lego-riddled letters to the North Pole.

    Teaming up with French advertising agency Brand Station, the Danish company has designed the shoes with extra double-thickness soles.

    They have even been lab-tested to withstand attacks from all sides.

    In a press release they explained; ‘Lego slippers with a padded sole which will enable you to walk around the house in the middle of the night without any worries!’

    Sadly the slippers aren’t the most stylish of items, coming in one choice of a bright yellow and red design with the Lego branding emblazoned across the front.

    However, we can console ourselves with the fact the slippers were made by hand in a factory in France to ensure 100% quality (and safety of course).

    Fans have already taken to social media to voice their euphoria at the thought of an injury-free festive period.

    One parent on Twitter said; ‘Ahh memories of the 2 spot Lego brick nestling at an oblique angle in a deep pile carpet slowly biding its time.’

    Another was disappointed that it has taken till 2015 for the invention to make it’s way to homes; ‘Anti-Lego slippers – if only I had these back in the day.’

    Sadly for the time being Lego will only be saving the feet of 1,500 parents, as they are a limited edition gift for those who fill in Lego wish lists on their Lego France website.

    Surely some will start popping on eBay in time for Christmas?