Morrisons make employee Lin the new face of their video after her amazing story goes viral

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  • You might remember Lin Lisle-Fenwick’s face from a viral Facebook post that was shared thousands of times earlier this month.

    Thanks to her social media success check-out manager Lin was made employee of the month and is now the face of a new Morrisons ad campaign, where she features in a video to share tips about making shopping with kids easier.

    Her fame came after she helped a stressed and tired mum keep her children happy during a shopping trip to the Basingstoke branch of Morrisons, where Lin works. Mum of two Amanda Wilkins was so impressed by what Lin did for her family that she uploaded a picture of the moment along with a story explaining what was happening. And it’s this which really captured people’s hearts.


    In her post Amanda explained that her two children are both registered blind and autistic. She went on to say, ‘As you can imagine shopping is not an easy thing for me to do, at the checkout both girls decided to go into meltdown and this very kind lady decided to help instead of judge.

    ‘It doesn’t happen very often! She distracted my daughter by letting her scan all my shopping,’ Amanda continued, before adding: ‘A dream come true for Holly who loves playing ‘shops’. It melts my heart to come across people that are prepared to go the extra mile, and little acts of kindness makes a massive difference to my world.’

    Following her kind gesture Lin now features in a brand new ad for her employers Morrisons, to advise parents on the best way to keep little ones happy during a shopping trip. Her tips include preparing them before you go by telling them what’s happening, avoiding the sweet aisle (!) and giving them a job to do while they’re there.

    Lin’s manager, Simon Nellis, commented on the original post to thank Amanda for bringing Lin’s actions to his attention, explaining that it meant that the team were able to rally round and give Lin a little gift to say well done. Uploading an image of Lin surrounded by the team, holding a bunch of flowers, Simon said: ‘Reading to Lin why she was receiving flowers and a gift was really hard as I was getting genuinely choked up while doing so. Thanks Lin for this and all the other amazing things you do. 😘💐’

    Talking about the decision to make Lin the new face of Morrisons, Simon, Basingstoke manager, said: ‘Our people often go above and beyond to help customers, and Lin is a great role model and a great shopkeeper so we want to record her advice and share it with our colleagues and customers.’

    What a lovely story – well done Lin!

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