Parents criticise Louise Redknapp for ‘swearing’ during It Takes Two performance

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  • Louise Redknapp has come under fire from viewers who felt that her recent performance on Strictly Come Dancing’s It Take Two spin-off used inappropriate language.

    The star took to the stage on the BBC show to perform one of her classic hits, 2 Faced, but not everyone was impressed with the lyrics of the former Top 10 number.

    The word ‘b*tching’ is repeatedly used throughout the song, to the disappointment of some viewers who had been watching the programme with their children.

    ‘@bbcstrictly not sure I’m happy about my 8 year old singing stop your bitching at the top of her voice! Thanks #ItTakesTwo not appropriate for before 7pm,’ wrote one viewer on Twitter, whilst another added: ‘#ItTakesTwo #StrictlyComeDancing #louiseredknapp Family programme? Not today! Louise Redknapp singing lyrics with b**ch every 5 seconds. Time to find the remote control.’

    Louise is facing backlash over her performance

    However, not everyone felt so strongly about the use of the word airing pre-watershed, with many other audience members taking to social media to the singer’s defence after seeing the critical comments.

    ‘The people who are complaining about @LouiseRedknapp saying the word B*tching on tv need to have a long hard look at themselves. Pathetic. #ItTakesTwo’ declared one fan.

    ‘People b*tching about the word b*tching in Louise Redknapps song? Come on folks, get a life!?! #louiseredknapp #b*tching’ another wrote.

    ‘Omg people complaining that Louise Redknapp said “b*tching” in her song coz it was on before the watershed. 😂😂 get a grip,’ a third fellow parent agreed. ‘My 4yr old says b*tchin all the damn time because eleven says it lol how is it even bad? People need to stop b*tching about it tbh’.

    What do you think? Would you be happy for your child to sing along to a song featuring the word ‘b*tching’? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!