Louise Roe reveals she's expecting her first child with husband Mackenzie Hunkin

The pair tied the knot last year

Blogger and TV presenter Louise Roe has announced she's expecting her first child with husband Mackenzie Hunkin.

Louise shared the happy baby news on her blog, Front Roe, announcing that she is five months pregnant and will be welcoming her first child in January 2018. The British star also said the couple know the gender of their baby already, but won't be revealing it for now.

'Yes, you read that right! I am beyond excited to announce that my husband Mackenzie and I are expecting our first baby. It feels so surreal even to write this, but as my belly grows a bit each day it’s becoming more and more real', she wrote.

The blogger, who's previously presented BBC's The Clothes Show, as well as E!'s E!'s Fashion Police and Perfect Catch, also explained why it took her so long so announce her pregnancy, saying she did it for her and the baby's safety.


'It's been so hard not to share this news with you sooner, but for the safety of myself and the baby we wanted to wait a few months before announcing', she added.

Describing how she found out she was expecting her first child, Louise says that she felt sick after a trip, but before taking any medication, she 'casually' took a pregnancy test.

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'One morning in May, we were literally an hour away from getting on a plane to France and I was at home with a horrible cold. We had just gotten back from a trip to Hawaii where Mackenzie had gotten super sick, and before long I had gotten it too. I was just about to take some Dayquil when I thought – you know what, I should probably take a pregnancy test just to be sure.

'I took it casually, expecting it to be negative so that I could pop some meds and get rid of my horrible cough and headache. When I picked up the test, I thought I was hallucinating – there it was… PREGNANT!'

In the blog post announcing her pregnancy, Louise also said the early days of her pregnancy were the hardest, as she suffered from morning sickness but couldn't explain to her family and friends why she was feeling ill.

'I was horribly nauseous and more fatigued than I’ve ever been in my life. Not being able to tell any friends, family or even coworkers was extremely lonely and difficult during those days.'


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