Luisa Zissman hits back at online trolls who criticised her for leaving newborn baby

The mum of two recorded a tongue in cheek video to her haters

Luisa Zissman has been forced to speak out against online trolls who've criticised her for leaving her newborn baby to go on holiday.

The Apprentice star shared snaps of her recent holiday to Dubai, posting a stream of pictures showing her and her friends having fun in the sun and posing with cocktails by the pool.

But one of Luisa's final Instagram posts before the end of her holiday caused quite a stir amongst her mum followers. Showing a picture of herself lying by a pool in a patterned bikini, the new mum confessed to having a hangover and described her break as 'short but sweet'.

She captioned the bikini snap, 'Current situation, nursing hangover with iced coffee 🙌🏻💪🏼 home tomorrow to my babies been a short but sweet break 💕💕 #icedcoffee #holiday #sunshine #bikini'

But some followers didn't entirely approve of Luisa's holiday choice as her post began to attract some negative attention.

One Instagram user wrote, 'Literally could not leave my newborn baby and go away.. its just not right' while another directly agreed, saying, 'Was thinking the same @fionarees1 it's my bday next week and my friends baby is 9 weeks and she's not staying in hotel as won't leave her overnight yet'.

Another Instagram user also pointed out she couldn't leave her child within a few weeks, 'Couldn't leave my baby so soon !!!! Tho that breaks looks amazing'.

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Luisa commented back, defending her decision by explaining that she trusts their dad to take care of them, 'The mummy police are out! 😂😂😂 each to their own but I have no issues leaving my bubbas in the care of daddy & grandma.'

Some fans supported the new mum, 'When you have a loving supporting partner at home, that is equally just as able to look after a baby as you are then why not go and enjoy a nice break. You know baby is in safe hands with the OTHER parent. Mums deserve breaks too!'

Others could sympathise with her situation. 'I had my work colleagues disagreeing with me, that I shouldn't go away without my child etc but I needed for myself and to think about life and what are the next steps for a mother and how I'm going to'

Luisa didn't take the criticism lying down and continued to hit back at the trolls, posting a clip to her Instagram account showing her sticking up her middle finger with the caption, 'Reading the ridiculous comments on my Instagram bikini pic like #f*ckyouc*ntf*ckers #mumsymumsy'.

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On her way home, Luisa poked fun at haters with an aeroplane selfie and a caption sarcastically expressing that she hoped her children hadn't forgotten her after not seeing their mum for three days.

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'Homeward bound ✈️ best hubby ever has sent me home business ❤️ been a wonderful few days with my bestie @rachaellalji 💕🌴☀️ now home to my children, I really hope they remember me after having not seen me for 72hrs, I'm praying that they aren't emotionally scarred for being away from me for 72hrs too.

'Fingers crossed for their future emotionally & mentally. 😂😂😂👭 #sarcasm #mumlife #dubai #holiday'

Followers praised her for her carefree approach and urged her not to listen to negative comments, with one fan commenting 'Don't even worry about other people's views.

'They're obviously not secure enough in their lives that they feel the need to criticise yours.'


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