'Stomach gone down' Luisa Zissman reveals toned post baby body just seven weeks after giving birth

The mother of two has been sharing her post baby body journey

Luisa Zissman has shared photos of her toned post baby body just seven weeks after giving birth.

Luisa has been determined to get her pre baby body back, posting photos of her progress and details of her fitness regime on her Instagram account.

The 29-year-old is mum to two children, six year old Dixie, from her previous marriage, and new baby Indigo, whom she shares with now-husband Andrew Collins.

The Apprentice star shows many pictures of her lifestyle and commitment to fitness on her Instagram feed, but none of her children, as her husband has asked her not to share images of them online.

In her latest post, she has shown off a tiny waist and toned abs just weeks after giving birth. Splitting the picture in two, Luisa compared her body two weeks after giving birth and seven weeks after giving birth, showing her shrinking size and developing ab muscles.

She captioned the picture with an explanation saying, '2 weeks postpartum vs today 7 weeks postpartum. Stomach gone down & very slowly getting some kind of tone back, long road ahead!'

But even Luisa struggles with elements of keeping fit, and went on to detail her fitness regime and exercise downfall, 'For those interested I've been eating well but not denying myself anything & doing Pilates, or toning classes at least once a day, sometimes twice and horse riding too. I STILL lack core strength which I discovered when schooling my horse today! But I'll get there!'

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Other mums were quick to congratulate her on her progress, posting positive comments such as: 'Well done! You look fab, even the 2 week picture! Most people do have time to do it, like you said, it's when she naps. It's just that people can't be bothered, or make excuses. Doesn't make me hate, It just makes me want to actually do something! My 3 year old starts nursery on Monday so this is my chance to get fitter in between working of course! :-)'

But not all of Luisa's 421k followers were feeling supportive of her keep fit efforts, with some fellow new mums saying that she should be spending this valuable time with her baby.

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One Instagram user commented: 'Not going to lie u look great. But no normal new mum would have the time/energy to do this. Spending this quality time with my new born is much more important than keep fit classes in my eyes money can't buy that. I'm pp 6 weeks and hate hate hate my body ATM but hey that can wait, this time I won't get back and don't want anyone else enjoying my baby.'

However, Luisa wasn't afraid to tackle the criticism head on, responding with her own comment: 'if I stayed home with a baby all day I would go insane, each to their own but me doing 1hr Pilates every morning while she naps & an evening class after bathing and feeding her and putting both my girls to bed I don't feel I'm missing out. I'm a better mum because im getting out & working out. Being overweight and feeling unfit honestly depresses me.'

Did you feel the pressure to snap back into shape within weeks of giving birth? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!


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