Dad uses Snapchat to transform his baby son - and the results are adorable!

Lukas Costeur's imaginative versions of son Felix have gone viral

If you thought Snapchat was primarily a tool for your pre-teen to send unflattering pictures of you to their friends then prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Thankfully those images usually self-destruct after a few minutes, but we've just come across some Snapchat pictures that deserve more than just a few seconds on a screen.

One dad has taken the internet by storm with these adorable snaps of his newborn son, Felix. Lukas Costeur, from Belgium, uses Tumblr to upload nearly nightly Snapchat images of his little boy in all sorts of guises, describing his page as 'Nightly snapchat-time-spending-moments with my newborn son, Felix!'

Image: Snapdad

Doesn't look like Felix is so sure about these ones...

Using the social media app's illustration tool, the father gets to work transforming little Felix into all sort of adorable characters including a personal GoodtoKnow favourite, the Cutie Pie, where Felix can be seen peeping out of a pastry pie.

Now that's what we call adorable

Lukas' artistic talents are clear for all to see, but he's not one to keep his tricks of the trade to himself. Along with the regular images of his little boy, Lukas also uploads step-by-step guides on how he achieves the final images as well as tips  for getting the most from your equipment.

Lukas' talents grew out of the quiet moments before bed, when he tried to give his wife a few minutes of peace. The father of one told Mashable, 'When his mom gives him his feeding I wanted to let her rest and the quicker she can go to bed the better.

'I took a picture and started drawing in Snapchat with the basic sketching tools it has every night since his birth, he seems to like it and so do we.'

'Oh don't mind me being up past my bedtime, I'm busy fighting the bad guys

We can't wait to see what Felix transforms into as he grows. If you want to keep up with his his antics, simply add Lukas on Snapchat by searching: “Costeur.”

For those who aren't quite ready to embrace Snapchat, you can view all of little Felix's guises on his dad's Facebook or Tumblr

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