M&S unveils their 2016 Christmas advert Christmas With Love From Mrs Claus

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  • M&S have revealed their Christmas advert for 2016, and it just might be our favourite one yet.

    Father Christmas makes an appearance as he heads off on his usual delivery rounds on December 24th, but it’s his wife, Mrs Claus, who takes centre stage after receiving a letter from Jake, who’s got a very special festive mission that he needs her help to complete.

    ‘Dear Mrs Claus, My name is Jake, and I am 6 years old,’ he writes. ‘I have a big sister called Anna, who is tall, and sometimes angry. I also have a dog called Tiger, who loves eating things’ – including, as we see on screen, Anna’s favourite shoes.

    ‘This Christmas I need your help, because I want something, and I know you can get it from me.’

    And from then on, it’s action mode for Mrs Claus, who heads straight to her motorised wardrobe (jealous, us?), dons a fabulous red dress, and takes her snowmobile to her helicopter so that she can deliver Jake’s gift in double quick time.

    We see her soaring over the sea until she arrives in the UK and arrives at Jake’s house. Once the gift is safely delivered (and the sherry and mince pies left out safely consumed), she takes her equally glamorous leave.

    The next morning, the family gather to open their presents, and there’s a special parcel under the tree for Anna.

    ‘To Anna, Jake wanted you to have this. With love, Mrs Claus,’ the label reads – and when she opens it up, there’s a brand new pair of trainers, to replace the ones that Tiger chewed.

    ‘You might think I don’t like my sister very much,’ Jake explains. ‘But I do, I love her a lot, and I want her to be happy at Christmas.’

    As the family plays happily together in the snow, Mrs Claus feigns ignorance as her husband returns from his work.

    ‘How was your night?’ he asks her, to which she craftily responds: ‘Oh, you know. Quiet.’

    Watch the M&S 2016 Christmas advert in full

    The ad has already proved a hit with viewers across the country, with many complimenting it for its heartwarming Christmas sentiment.

    ‘My favourite Christmas advert so far!’ one commented, whilst a second agreed: ‘I had a smile and a tear the whole 3 minutes. Well done M&S!’

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