Matt Edmondson shares heartfelt message after the birth of his baby girl

'I am so, so unbelievably excited about being a Dad'

Xtra Factor Live host Matt Edmondson has welcomed a baby girl with his wife Bryony.

Matt was forced to leave co-host Rylan Clark-Neal to present the Xtra Factor Live solo on Saturday after his wife Bryony went into labour three weeks early.

The X Factor official Twitter account confirmed Matt's absence by tweeting, 'WATERS-BREAKING NEWS: @MattEdmondson is excused from tonight's #XtraFactorLive because his wife has gone into labour. Good luck, guys'

Rylan announced the happy news to the nation live on air, telling viewers, 'He's just texted us and said he's had a baby girl'.

After the birth Matt took to Twitter to give his 197k followers a teaser with a simple tweet, showing just a baby emoji followed by a blushing emoji.

Since then the TV presenter and radio show host has shared a heartfelt message with fans, friends and family on social media detailing his feelings on becoming a dad.

After writing a long message in his notes, Matt tweeted a picture of his message and was met with an over whelming response from well wishing followers.

He wrote, 'Okay so I was hoping to fly under the radar with this one, but...I've had a baby! A really cute one. We always had a 2 in 7 chance that she would arrive on a day where there was an Xtra Factor Live...what I didn't expect was for her to hatch her escape plan three weeks early and two hours before the live show!'

Matt sounded absolutely delighted as he shared details of the birth, revealing that he and Bryony opted for a home birth, 'I am so, so unbelievably excited about being a Dad and Bryony did the most amazing job ever. We had a very peaceful, beautiful home birth with the help of Neighbourhood Midwives (who are worth their weight in gold - seriously)and we are so happy with our little (very little in fact!)girl.'

Thanking all of his fans for their support he continued, 'Anyhow thanks to Rylan for flying solo (and crying at the news in his dressing room when I told him) and thanks to all of your who sent me such kind messages. You guys are great. A very sleepy Matt. X'

After 36 hours of no sleep Matt returned to host the show on Sunday night.

He told fans, 'I've not slept for 36 hours so this could be an interesting Sunday night on Xtra Factor Live.'


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