‘Let your boys be boys’ Megan Fox criticised for sharing a picture of her sons with long hair

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  • Mum-of-three Megan Fox has come under fire for the latest picture of her children.

    Megan Fox’s fans are rallying behind the star after she faced backlash from people who said she should cut her sons’ hair.

    The actress posted a picture of two of her grinning boys in wetsuits after what must have been a fun family day at the beach.

    While many of Megan’s 5.4 million followers gushed over how adorable and happy the boys looked, others left negative comments about Noah and Bodhi’s hair length.

    One person wrote: ‘Poor darlings they look like they’re wearing wigs!’

    Another said: ‘If you want a girl so bad why don’t you try to adopt or have more kids. Let your boys be boys.’

    A third mocked: ‘I used to think you had two daughters.’


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    Children’s hair can be a divisive issue. Last week, a hairdresser refused to cut a little girl’s hair too short as she would likely ‘regret’ the decision.

    This isn’t the first time Megan has sparked a gender debate either. Last year she came under fire for sharing a picture of her eldest son Noah in a Elsa costume.

    Lots of people have called out the internet-trolls as cruel and asked why they need to be so judgemental.

    One person defending Megan wrote: ‘With all the gender neutrality nowadays you would think people would shut up and love this picture. I think it is of two adorable kids playing at the beach. Who cares how long their hair is? As long as they are happy.’

    Another added: ‘People posting nasty comments about someone’s children well shame on them, I wish all the nasty trolls would just go away.’

    A third person said: ‘Or maybe she just gives her kids the freedom of choosing how they wear their hair. You realise men/boys have had long hair for centuries. So this comment is just dumb.’

    Several other parents shared their own stories and revealed that they too choose to leave their children’s hair as they wish.

    One person wrote: ‘My son has super long curly hair and I will not cut it. His hair does not define his gender. People need to get a life.’

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