The names of men most likely to become dads in 2018 REVEALED

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  • It’s normally baby names that are under the most speculation when it comes to the year ahead – but now the list of popular dad names for 2018 is available too!

    Taking into account the average age a man becomes a parent in the UK, OK! magazine searched the Office of National Statistics to find the most popular names in that year.

    Men in the UK tend to become dads at an average age of 33, making 1984 the year of study in their analysis. The publication also considered those turning 33 at the start of 1985 for their research too.

    Christopher takes the top spot in the list, with James and David featuring in second and third place respectively.

    Daniel and Michael complete the top five, with Andrew and Richard coming shortly after.

    Men named Craig and Stephen come 19th and 20th in the list.

    In the women’s version of the list, compiled by Closer, the publication analysed the average age women get pregnant (which is 28 in the UK) and looked into the most popular names of the women turning 28 next year.

    It appears that women named Emma are the most likely to get pregnant in 2018.
    Laura and Sarah take second and third place, with Stephanie and Kirsty completing the top five.

    However, the names Oliver and Olivia are standing the test of time as the favourite boy and girl names for the year ahead.

    The complete list of the names can be found below – does your partner make the list?

    1. Christopher 2. James 3. David 4. Daniel 5. Michael 6. Matthew 7. Andrew 8. Richard 9. Paul 10. Mark 11. Thomas
    12. Adam 13. Robert 14. John 15. Lee 16. Benjamin 17. Steven 18. Jonathan 19. Craig 20. Stephen

    Did your partner’s name feature on the list? Are you planning on starting or adding to your family in 2018? Let us know in the comment box below!