Michelle Williams reveals she married musician Phil Evlerum in a secret ceremony

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  • Actress Michelle Williams has revealed she has found love again after marrying in a secret ceremony.

    The Hollywood star, who endured the tragedy of losing her former partner and daughter to Matilda, Heath Ledger, has shared her happiness in finding love again with indie musician Phil Evlerum— who also shared a similar devastating experience to the star.

    ‘I never gave up on love,’ she told Vanity Fair. ‘Our relationship is sacred and very special.’

    Actress Michelle, who transformed her life as a Dawson’s Creek star to become one of the biggest names in Hollywood, met Mount Eeerie musician Phil through a mutual friend.

    The pair, who married in a secret ceremony in Adirondacks — a collection of mountains in New York — saw their union blessed alongside a handful of friends and their two daughters Matilda and Agathe.

    ‘Obviously I’ve never once in my life talked about a relationship, but Phil isn’t anyone else,’ she told the publication in an interview. ‘And that’s worth something. Ultimately the way he loves me is the way I want to live my life on the whole.’

    Having also experienced the heartbreak of losing a partner, Phil lost his wife illustrator and musician Geneviève Castrée to stage four pancreatic cancer in 2015.

    Like Michelle, he was left to face the hardship of raising his baby daughter Agathe, alone.

    The star, who is known for her private nature, said that she wanted to share her story in the hope that it ‘helps somebody’ else. ‘I don’t really want to talk about any of it,’ she told Vanity Fair.

    ‘But there’s that tease, that lure, that’s like, What if this helps somebody? What if somebody who has always journeyed in this way, who has struggled as much as I struggled, and looked as much as I looked, finds something that helps them?’

    Michelle Williams had daughter, 12-year-old Matilda, with partner and actor Heath Ledger, who died of a drug overdose in 2008, five months after he split from the actress.

    ‘I always say to Matilda, “Your dad loved me before anybody thought I was talented, or pretty, or had nice clothes.”‘

    The actress also spoke about her difficulties as a single parent, calling the task ‘scary.’

    ‘When you’re a single parent, and that element of provider and protection is missing, it’s scary,’ she told the publication.

    Michelle has also offered some key advice to those out there still in pursuit of love.

    ‘Don’t settle. Don’t settle for something that feels like a prison, or is hard, or hurts you,’ she says. ‘If it doesn’t feel like love, it’s not love.’

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