Parents of three-year-old Instagram star Millie-Belle Diamond build her a $5000 'cubby' house

It includes a flat-screen TV and a chandelier

Instagram star and baby-blogger Millie-Belle Diamond has reached new heights of luxury after being built a $5000 cubby with a chandelier and flat-screen TV inside.

Australian Millie-Belle Diamond, who has 154k followers on Instagram, has been built a cubby house named 'Palace MBD', which took three months for her parents to put together.

The house, which is based on a Hamptons-style American build that her mother saw, features a beauty dresser, a 50-inch television and a chandelier in the building.

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'You couldn't get anything like it here in Australia so my husband Michael, who used to be a builder, said he would do his best to put something together himself,' said Millie-Belle's mother, Schye Fox, to Femail.

'He started it in October and built it from scratch with no plans. We couldn't find anything that had completed walls inside like the one saw in America.'

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Although Millie-Belle's parents undoubtedly splashed out to make the house, Schye did say they made some 'savvy' saves.

'The chandelier I sourced wholesale online - I'm a pretty savvy internet shopper so what we couldn't find local in Noosa, we ordered in,' said the Instagrammer's mum.

'I wanted it to suit her little diva personality and I wanted it to be a gorgeous space not just for her to enjoy but for the family to enjoy with her.'

'So many cubbies you see around look great on the outside but are just plain and wooden on the inside so it was important to us that it was just as beautiful if not better on the inside,' she added.

Of course, as Millie-Belle is just three-years-old, it is her mum who runs the Instagram account.

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Originally set up to let Millie-Belle's relatives know how she was growing when she was just two months old, the star's following skyrocketed after she was snapped wearing a series of children's designer goods.

In fact, the deluxe baby blogger also has her own fashion line, named MBD Designs. 


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