Couple share horror at nearly aborting their healthy daughter after being wrongly told they had miscarried

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  • A couple have shared their horror at being incorrectly told that their healthy baby had died in the womb, nearly leading them to abort their healthy child.

    Ben and Susanna Williams, who live in London, were told by a doctor at a private clinic that their daughter Riley had died in the womb – only to discover it had been a horrifying mistake.

    The couple, who visited Window to the Womb in Chessington, were told the news by Dr Ashish Sharma, they told The Daily Mail.

    After the sonographer told them that Susanna had experienced a ‘missed miscarriage’, they were advised to have an induced miscarriage.

    ‘He went quiet and I asked, “Can’t you see anything?”’ Susanna told the publication.

    ‘He said, “Don’t worry. We’ll do an internal scan, because we can get more detail that way.” ’

    Susanna, who had miscarried at twelve weeks previously, had no reason to doubt the doctor.

    But her instincts told her that her little girl was still alive and well.


    ‘I don’t feel ready to say goodbye to this pregnancy,’ said Susanna to her husband. ‘I still feel very pregnant but I know I’ve got to stop thinking like this.”

    It was only when they went to their local NHS hospital that they were told that there was no need for an induced miscarriage, and Riley was alive and well.

    Although they had been assured by the sonographer that they could feel their little girl’s heartbeat, the couple struggled to relax.

    ‘I thought it still might go wrong,’ said Susanna. ‘I only began to relax after the 20-week scan.’

    Their healthy little girl was born without complications in May.

    Ben later called Dr Sharma to tell him of the error. ‘But when I talked to him, there was no apology,’ Ben, 36, said.

    ‘Instead, he said, “I’m really happy it worked out for you.” ’

    Window To The Womb said it ‘sincerely apologised’ to the couple for any distress, and have insisted that it is an isolated incident.

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