Aldi’s £2 shower caddy is the surprisingly perfect solution for loose fruit and veg

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If you like an organised kitchen, loose fruit and veg can sometimes be a pain to store. And with many of us going plastic-free, Aldi’s got an unexpected solution.

It turns out that Aldi’s shower caddy can double up as a fruit and veg storage, and it keeps everything looking neat and tidy on your kitchen counter.

Taking to Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, Sherice Crosby wrote, ‘£1.99 in ALDI!! Absolute bargain. Says shower caddy but bought it to tidy up some fruit and veg rolling about my worktops. It is solid metal.

'I didn’t know how much these were to start with but a lady has just commented they were £16.99 then yesterday were £6.99 now £1.99. Fab deal.’


Credit: Sherice Crosby

Sherice also shared a photo of the receipt to prove her bargain buy, where she’d picked up a three-tiered shower candy for just under £2. The RRP is £16.99 so it's quite the saving!

Other users were delighted by the purchase, with many of them wanting to borrow the genius storage idea. The shower caddy looks just as good in other rooms, and makes for a simple storage solution.


Credit: Sherice Crosby

‘Omg what a good idea I was thinking of what can I put my fruit and veggies I might see if they've got any in our Aldi’, one said.

Another added, ‘This is exactly what I'm looking for’.

A third said, ‘Great idea to use for fruit 😍’.

A fourth also commented, ‘This is such a good idea for that awkward space in the kitchen by the oven’.

We’re not sure if all Aldi’s will be offering this bargain deal, but it’s worth heading to your local to see if it’s there.

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It’s perfect if you find yourself pressed for time in the mornings!
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