This anxiety-banishing weighted blanket from Aldi will give insomniacs a restful night's sleep

woman asleep under Aldi weighted blanket
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Aldi is selling an anxiety-banishing weighted blanket that will provide you with a calming night's sleep for just £29.99.

Many of us are struggling to sleep these days, what with the worry of the on-going coronavirus pandemic always at the forefront of our minds and the Christmas to-do lists taking up space in our hectic heads, falling asleep at night can be quite the task.

But weighted blankets are the perfect way to unwind in bed, helping to relax your body and mind and allow you to enjoy a restful night of slumber.

Aldi Light Grey Weighted Blanket 4.5kg

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Aldi weighted blanket

Credit: Aldi

Bargain supermarket giant Aldi is soon to have them in stock online, costing less than £30.

The Light Grey Weighted Blanket weighs 4.5kg and is made of 100% cotton.

What do weighted blankets do?

'Weighted blankets work using deep touch pressure, which is the gentle sensation of being hugged, and this has been scientifically proven to release serotonin.

'This weighted blankets comforting embrace helps to trigger a sense of calm. Easing you into a peaceful and rejuvinating deep sleep,' Aldi's description of the bedtime must-have says.

Aldi weighted blanket

Credit: Aldi

The cosy blanket also promises to keep you warm on cold nights, aid in improving sleep quality and help you to feel calm and relaxed.

They're not available to buy just yet, but according to Aldi they're 'coming soon', so we recommend keeping an eye out on the website if you want to get your hands on one ahead of Christmas because this sounds like it's set to be one of Aldi's classic sell-out items.

If staying toasty through is more your priority, then you'll be pleased to hear that Aldi is also selling heated electric blankets at a bargain price.

Aldi Heated Electric Blanket

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Aldi heated blankets

Credit: Aldi

The stylish and soft warming throws come in three neutral colours and are ideal for snuggling under on the sofa or in bed - especially if the bill payer of the house isn't keen on having the heating cranked up at all hours of the day!

They're just £34.99 each and have nine temperature controls and nine timer settings.

Annoyingly, they're already sold out online but are available in stores as well, so make sure you browse the middle aisle when you're doing your next Aldi shop.

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