These are Amazon's best deals on balance bikes right now

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Amazon Prime Day 2021 has epic deals on a range of balance bikes.

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Amazon Prime Day 2021 is here! Some of the biggest bargains can be found on baby balance bikes - ideal for kids 1-4.

Balance bikes are a great way to let youngsters find their feet and confidence, they’re a great activity to keep kids entertained, plus they’re really cute.

Bammax Balance Bike Baby Walker Push Bike 10-24 months

Bammax Balance Bike

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The Bammax Balance Bike is an adorable shade of mint green and perfect for children between 10 -24 months. It can be ridden indoors and outdoors, it is suitable for gravel and carpet.

There are no exposed bolts (so there's a low risk of scratches) and have 135-degree steering, plus long-lasting tires that are also water-resistant.

The bike is made out of solid carbon steel, so it’s stable and durable, the perfect first bike if you ask us!

Parents agree as the bike has received plenty of rave reviews so far.

One Amazon shopper said, 'This Bike is beautifully designed and well crafted. The colour and style of the Bike are very elegant and smart. It’s small so I can keep it inside for them to ride it around the house. Something fun for the children to keep them occupied when it’s raining.’

Another wrote, ‘Bought as a 1st birthday present for my daughter who isn't walking yet, (bum shuffling at the moment) but she absolutely loves this little bike, perfect for indoors carpet/wood and outside on the patio/grass.’

The bike also comes in navy and orange, both of which are also included in Prime Day

Bammax Balance Bike Baby Walker Push Bike £39.09 £32.22 (SAVE £7)
Perfect first bike for children aged 10-24 months, it's sturdy and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It's made for carbon steel and has no exposed bolts - so no accidental scratches.

BOLDCUBE My First Bike 10 - 24 months

Boldcube my first baby walker

(Image credit: Amazon)

The cutest of all the bikes included in the Prime Deals. The Boldcube comes in three designs, a ladybug, a tiger and a frog!

Large ergonomic seat designed with leather casing and has a foam cushion for comfort and hours of fun. The seat is lifted at each end to support your baby and keep them in an upright position. Handlebars are also foam cushioned for an easy and comfy grip.

The EVA silent wheels are designed wide and with anti-skid material to prevent slipping and support balance. Resting on a lightweight carbon steel frame. Suitable for indoor or outdoor surfaces.

Riding on the balance bike helps develop their muscle strength as well as balance. The balance bike’s steering is limited to 135 degrees to prevent the baby from over steering and losing balance. It’s also easy to install and comes with a detailed manual.

Boldcube My First Bike £45.99 £35.99 (SAVE £10)
Available in a ladybug style, tiger, or frog and will no doubt go down a treat with your children. It's suitable for indoor and outdoor use and features anti-skid wheels.

HOMCOM Toddler Tricycle 18 months and over

HOMCOM Baby Kids Children Toddler Tricycle Ride on 3 Wheels Bike (Pink)

The Homcom is perfect for toddlers and features three wheels instead of four, it's got a two-level adjustable seat and has splash guards on the wheels to protect from mud.

It's made of steel, so it's sturdy and is an adorable shade of pink. It also has a little bell on the handlebars!

One reviewer said, 'I got this for my daughter's 3rd birthday and it was brilliant, very sturdy, and durable and she used it until she was 5. We have now bought another one for our niece’s Christmas present as we know she will love it as much as our daughter did. For the price, it’s a bargain!'

Another wrote, 'Really love this and for the price is an absolute find! Great transition from a balance bike and my daughter took to it well. Was easy to assemble and you can adjust the saddle for some growth.'

HOMCOM Toddler Tricycle 18 months+ £39.99 Now £29.99 (SAVE £10)
This tricycle comes in adorable pink and even has a bell on the handlebars! It's tires are designed for indoor and outdoor use and they feature splash guards to protect from mud and water.

ALBION HOME Baby Balance Bikes 12-24 Months

Albion home baby balance bike

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The cheapest of the balance bikes included in the deals. It comes in yellow, pink, white, and blue and is made with non-toxic materials.

The frame is carbon steel, it has soft non-slip handlebars and a cushioned seat. There are no pedals, and the wheels are fully enclosed. It comes 95% pre-assembled and will take just two minutes to fully assemble.

One shopper said, 'Great value for money as some of the bikes similar to this can go for £50+ . easy to put together too. Really cute and a good size for a one-year-old.'

Albion Home Baby Balance Bike £24.99 £19.99 (SAVE £5)
The cheapest bike included in the deals. It features non-slip handlebars and is silent. The wheels are designed for indoor and outdoor use, and all the colours are included in the deals.

KORIMEFA Baby Balance Bike 1-3 Years 

The Korimefa bike is a great option for children 1-3, it comes in 3 adorable colours, green, pink, and yellow so you’re sure to find one your child loves. The bikes have adjustable handlebars, and seats allowing the bike to perfectly fit your child's height. The seat also has a front pad to stop children from leaning too far forward.

It has four wheels which are wide, ensuring that your baby's feet are safe and making it more stable, it like the Bammax has 135-degree steering. It makes the perfect birthday present, as it helps kids develop balance, coordination, confidence, and most importantly -it’s fun.

Best of all for parents, it’s easy to assemble, it takes just two to three minutes, and is small enough to fit in the boot.

Korimefa Baby Balance Bike 1-3 years £49.99 £45 (SAVE £4.99)
The perfect first bike, it comes with adjustable handlebars and seat, meaning it will fit perfectly to your child height, it's ideal for the summer months ahead to let your little one gain confidence and balance.

Schwinn Toddler Balance Bike 2 - 4 years

The Schwinn bike is one of the best deals to be found, it comes in blue, pink, red, and green all included in the Prime Day deals. 

It features chrome spoked wheels with air-filled tires and has an easy steer handlebar. It’s also fitted with cushioned grips and a handlebar pad. It also has an adjustable seat.

One customer said, 'Love this bike and our toddlers really enjoy it.'

Another wrote, 'Got it for my 2.5 year old niece. Perfect size. She is tall. Great quality.'

Schwinn Toddler Balance Bike 2 - 4 years £89.99 £61.99 (SAVE £28)
The perfect balance bike for toddlers, it's available in four colours and you save £28 thanks to Prime!
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