B&M are selling a light-up reindeer for just £14.99!

The bargain store is bringing the festive cheer for less this year

Bargain store B&M are selling a 45cm light-up reindeer - with 20 LED lights - for just £14.99.

When it comes to Christmas decorations a lot of people take the 'more is more' approach - tinsel, fairy lights, baubles, light-up Santa and matching elves, the lot.

So, it's always helpful when bargain stores like B&M help out with festive purchases - and who doesn't love a reindeer?! Whether you have them welcoming guests in your hallway or stand them proudly by the tree, these twinkly fellows are always the star of the Christmas show.

If you haven't yet purchased the light-up reindeer that you need in your life then this Christmassy delight is your best bet.

Standing at 45cm tall, it's the perfect addition to any household - you can even choose your shade, as it's available in a sleek white, on-trend gold or cool silver.

These festive colours fit in neatly with most Christmas decors and - now, this is the best bit - it's MUCH cheaper than many comparable reindeer, and a whopping £45 less than a popular Debenhams version.

That saving alone could buy you four bottles of Prosecco or two 1 litre bottles of Baileys or even your whole turkey for the big day!

The Debenhams version is a little taller at 60cm, but they do look very similar.

However, while the price is definitely more purse-friendly with the B&M deer, the Debenhams one boasts the added advantage of being 'suitable for outdoor use', which means you are able to wow neighbours as it sits proudly out on the front garden, whereas the B&M deer is for indoor use only - but with that saving, who really cares... just don't forget your x3 AA batteries!

B&M is one of the UK's fastest growing stores and attracts over 3 million shoppers per week, so if you want one, make sure you move quick....

What do you think? Will you be investing in this bargain reindeer? Let us know in the comments box below.


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