You can get a box packed with brand new children’s clothes for just £35 to help a great cause

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  • The coronavirus crisis has had a huge impact on the world of clothes manufacturing.

    With places all around the world going into lockdown and Western fashion retailers across the globe temporarily shutting up shop, thousands of stock orders were cancelled.

    With huge amounts of clothing for the spring and summer season no longer being needed, it meant that millions of people working for Bangladesh manufacturers lost their jobs.

    Meanwhile, billions of dollars worth of unwanted clothing was set to end up in landfill, meaning the lack of demand for retail supplies would have disastrous impact on the environment too.

    Luckily, fashion company Mallzee came up with a great initiative.

    The Lost Stock project is allowing boxes full of cancelled stock orders to be sold for £35.

    You’ll be able to select size and fashion preferences too, so it’s a great opportunity to renew a child’s wardrobe with £70 worth of clothes for half the price. If you’re not sure you have enough space for any more clothes, read our tips how to organize your child’s closet.

    It’s not just for kid’s clothes either, you can revamp your own fashion collection with a box of bargains meant for full-price sale in high street stores.

    It’ll mean the surplus of stock won’t end up in landfill and every box sold helps to feed a family of four in Bangladesh for a week thanks to Lost Stock’s partnership with the NGO SAJIDA Foundation.

    Lost Stock for Kids boxes are available to order both boy’s and girl’s styles for ages four to 14 and you’ll receive at least five items in each one.

    Muhymin Chowdhury, Head of Challenge Fund & Fundraising for SAJIDA, opened up on supporting the important cause, saying, “Cancelled orders have affected over 1000 factories and the lives of 2.27 million workers and their families. A recent study found that 47% of these workers now have no income – we are working to deliver them basic necessities.

    “We are very pleased to partner with Lost Stock, whose approach helps redress the unfortunate failures of global brands to practise responsible sourcing. Every Lost Stock box sold will provide a food and hygiene package to support a family for a week. Additionally, Lost Stock purchases garment products at a fair price from Bangladeshi factories helping support them longer term.”

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