Household gadgets: What you need and what you don’t

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  • If you buy a smoothie maker, it'll probably cost you more than a fiver per use! We look at the real value of other household gadgets like games consoles, paper shredders and more That household gadget may be a 'must have' but will you ever use it? Find out how much it'll cost you per use based on average usage

    Gadgets can be really useful and make our lives so much easier – that’s if they ever make it out of the box.

    We’ve all made impulse purchases on ‘must-have’ items such as paper shredders and smoothie makers, but how often do these items actually get used?

    We’ve teamed up with shopping comparison website to find out just how much it costs to make a coffee with your espresso maker, or to play on a games console and much more – and let you know which gadgets are worth spending your hard-earned cash on!