Lidl launches £1.99 dupe of this pricey range from The Body Shop

Lidl has launched some super affordable dupes of The Body Shop’s Olive range.

The budget supermarket giant is known for providing shoppers with dozens of beauty products inspired by pricier brands’ offerings.

The Pure Olive collection is available to shop in stores from today and is super similar to some skin loving releases by The Body Shop – but for a much lower price.

The skin treats, made with organic olive oil, are set to rival the high street’s bath and body retailer’s olive oil options thanks to their similar moisturising claims.

The vegan range includes a face cream, a shower gel, a hand cream and a body lotion and everything is just £1.99.

Meanwhile a tub of The Body Shop’s Olive body butter will set you back a hefty £16 and a bottle of the shower gel costs £5.50.

Olive Shower Gel, The Body Shop

Speaking on the nourishing release, Lidl said, “All products within the range are made with organic olive oil which boasts a number of beauty benefits due to its hydrating nature and high antioxidant content.

“The intensive care moisturising formulas leave skin feeling super soft and are perfect for all skin types.”

Pure Olive Shower Gel, £1.99, Lidl

The skin smoothing elixirs will grace your body with a subtly fresh and floral scent and promise to moisturise for up to 24 hours.

If The Body Shop’s products are something you swear by, you’ll be pleased to know it has just launched a brand new body care range made from supermarket waste.

While that may sound a little gross at first, don’t be put off.

The cosmetics brand, which is known for its moves towards sustainability, has introduced two new lines that are made using fruits and vegetables that weren’t good enough for supermarket shelves.

The Cool Cucumber range is made from the juice of ‘second-choice wonky cucumber that wouldn’t sell in supermarkets’, while the Zesty Lemon collection is formulated from lumpy lemons that couldn’t go on shelves.

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