Smart shoppers discover genius hack for using a trolley when you don’t have a £1 coin

Trolley hack

Most of us have encountered the struggle of arriving at the supermarket, raring and ready to shop, only to discover you don’t possess the magical means of releasing a trolley from its locked chain.

Being without a £1 coin can totally scupper your shopping trip, often meaning you have to resort to cramming all your groceries into a far-too-small basket, or make do with an abandoned, wonky-wheeled trolley from the edge of the car park.

If you’re one of the more organised shoppers amongst us, it’s likely a fake, coin shaped key ring handily attached to your car keys will be your saviour in these situations.

But for those who bought one of these with great intentions, only to forget to clip it to your keys and lose it before even using it, a genius hack has been doing the rounds on social media.

The super smart trick is simply to slot the rounded top of a key into the hole where a £1 would go, tricking the trolley mechanics into sensing that a coin is there and releasing it from the stubborn lock. Hooray!

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Just make sure you remember to take your key home with you when you’re done, or risk being stranded on your own doorstep with an entire weekly shop in tow.

Twitter user @leninsgf took to the social media platform to share the clever suggestion with their followers, posting a photo demonstrating the trick at work.

Captioning the upload, they penned: ‘Life hack if you ain’t got a quid for a trolley.’

Many quickly began replying to the post, with one dubbing it ‘incredible’, and a second claiming to a big fan of the hack, adding: ‘I've been doing this for years.’

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‘Couldnt have told me this yesterday when I had to do a big aldi shop with nothing but a basket and sheer brute strength,’ typed a third.

Meanwhile, others offered some other solutions for those moments of coin-less trolley drama.

One quipped: ‘I use 2 20ps stscked on top of one another if I have them but not a quid haha,’ and another chipped in: ‘If you ask in the shop ..they will unlock the trolley for you.’

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