Tesco meal deal price increase leaves shoppers outraged as £3 price tag is scrapped

The UK supermarket retailer has confirmed that its meal deal will no longer cost £3 as food prices continue to soar

Tesco meal deal price increase leaves shoppers outraged as £3 price tag is scrapped
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Tesco has raised the price of its iconic 'meal deal' in light of the cost-of-living crisis, much to the outrage of its customers. 

The UK supermarket retailer will now sell its famous sandwich, snack, and drink combo to Clubcard Holders for £3.50, after 10 years of customers in its loyalty program paying just £3 for the takeaway lunch. 

People without a Tesco Clubcard will be charged £3.90 for the meal deal, a 40p increase from the previous price of £3.50. 

The disheartening news comes in light of the nation's cost of living crisis, which has seen food prices push UK inflation into double digits for the first time since 1982. Much of this inflation can be attributed to Russia's war in Ukraine, as energy prices soar due to an increased demand for oil and gas. 


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Despite Tesco's insistence that the price of its meal deal is still "great value," outrage has broken out across the Internet in response to the update. Many folks have taken to Twitter to share their reactions - some of which are hilarious and others, downright angry. 

"I’m finding it very hard to believe Tesco needs to up the meal deal price. As if they will be at a loss if they don’t," one suspicious person wrote. "I just don’t believe it." 

"Ummm @Tesco upping their meal deal price to £3.40 WITH a Clubcard?! This cost of living crisis really be crisising," another person remarked. 

Some Tesco customers suggested they may go to competitor chains, like Waitrose and Co-op, to get their Meal Deal fix in light of the price jump. 

"Waitrose and coop and boots meal deals are £3.50-£4 and the sandwiches are actually decent boots in particular, why pay that much for a Tesco's one," one person wrote. 

The news had a handful of people feeling particularly despaired, with one heartbroken person even writing, "I don’t wanna live in a world where a Tesco meal deal isn’t £3." 

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