Woman shares hack to TRIPLE your wardrobe space without buying anything

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  • We all know the struggles of trying to organise our wardrobe, as it never feels like we have enough space. But there's a genius hack to give you lots more room.

    When it comes to trying to organise your wardrobe space, you might think you have to fork out for lots of additional equipment.

    But Holly Vlogs on Tik Tok has shown how you can give yourself way more space using coat hangers and some ring pulls.

    No fancy equipment necessary, just things you’ve very likely got lying around the house already. Genius!

    In her Tik Tok video, she demonstrated how to try the hack out for yourself.

    Simply slide the ring-pull onto the hook of a coat hanger, then hang another on top using the hole in the ring-pull.

    You can hang multiple hangers from each of the ring-pulls, giving you much more space and allowing your clothes to hang neatly alongside each other.

    The hack has gone viral, being viewed over 200k times by impressed Tik Tok users.

    One user wrote, ‘Pure genius that…. thank you’

    wardrobe space

    Is it time for a spring clean? (Credit: Getty Images)

    Another added, ‘wow didn’t know this great idea’

    And a third said, ‘That’s a good hack i’m gonna try it tomorrow’

    With many of us using lockdown to have a bit of a spring clean, now is the perfect time to try the hack out for ourselves.

    Lots of people have been using this opportunity to share their own clever hacks.

    One woman showed us how to hide your outgrown manicure whilst salons are closed.

    And the best Mrs Hinch cleaning hack has been revealed if you need help with your lockdown cleaning.

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