This limited edition Zoflora scent smells just like Mugler’s Alien fragrance


Zoflora fans of the world unite.

A brand new, limited edition scent of the cult cleaning product has been released.

Made famous by social media housework queen, Mrs Hinch, the super fresh smelling elixir, is known for its bacteria banishing powers and ability freshen up any room in moments.

Now, a new Zoflora option is on the market, ready to make out floors, surfaces, kitchens and bathrooms smell fabulous.

Having given the new smell, aptly named Midnight Blooms, a whirl, one keen-nosed cleaner took to social media to point out something very exciting about it.


Credit: Zoflora

On Facebook group, Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, poster Leah Jane insisted that Midnight Blooms smells very similar to a very popular perfume.

She penned, ‘These smell just like Alien perfume 👽 and it smells amazing!

Mugler’s Alien is famed for its seriously distinctive smell and no doubt holds a place in almost every dedicated perfume lover out there.

Zoflora Alien

Credit: Boots

Its really recognisable, unique scent is floral and fresh with notes of mandarin, jasmine and white amber.

To back up the Zoflora fan’s claims that Midnight Blooms is akin to the luxurious fragrance, it sounds like the cleaning potion's own notes are definitely in the same ball park as Alien.

According to the Zoflora website, Mightnight Blooms smells like white musk, oriental rose, rich amber and sweet orange blossom. Who wouldn’t want their house to smell that good?

Making sure to share exactly where we can get our hands on Midnight Blooms and confirm its bargain price, the post continued, ‘Zoflora Midnight Blooms, £1.48, at Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.’

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Naturally, hordes of the Zoflora-obsessed took to the comment section to tell their friends the good news and express their joy.

‘This is hands down the best Zoflora smell in the world!’ one wrote.

I bought this yesterday smells amazing 🥰,’ commented another.

Just like alien perfume it’s so gorgeous 💜,’ penned a third, while a fourth chipped in, ‘It smells like alien! Oh sh*t 😍.’

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