Twitter user uncovers little-known Monopoly rule that will totally change your family’s gameplay

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  • It turns out that you might have been playing Monopoly WRONG all these years because of one little-known rule that has recently resurfaced.

    The buying and selling board game Monopoly, which has been around since 1935, is an activity which is loved by millions of families all over the world. Sure to create its fair share of tension and disagreements again this festive season, the rent-paying, dice-rolling board game is a must-have in many households over the Christmas period.

    However, thanks to a Monopoly fan on Twitter, a little-known rule for playing the game as come to light again, and it may change the way millions play the board game for good.

    While many of us play the game by rolling the dice before being offered the chance to buy any property you land on if not owned, one Twitter user has pointed out that actually, there is another way to buy property in the game – even if you don’t land on the space.

    The Twitter user shared the fact that in Monopoly, if someone lands on a space and choose NOT to buy it, then that property should in fact go straight to auction – allowing any other players to try and bid to own the space right then and there.

    ‘When someone lands on a property in Monopoly, and they don’t buy it, IT GOES TO AUCTION for any player to buy,’ wrote the man on Twitter. ‘IT. IS. IN. THE. RULES.’

    The Twitter user (and, clearly, Monopoly master) also pointed out that the person who lands on the space can also choose not to buy it, then decide to bid for the space at auction – therefore getting the chance to acquire the property for less than it’s stated amount on the board.

    The shock revelations sent Twitter into meltdown, with many people sharing their excitement at discovering the old rule.

    ‘Really? That could speed up things. Who says Twitter is a waste of time,’ commented one, while another added, ‘Holy MOLY! That takes strategy/risk taking UP A DAMN LEVEL! I am so down for this rule. Thank you for the tip off!’

    ‘This little known rule changes the dynamic of the game in a fundamental way. I actually want to play it now,’ said someone else.

    ‘Nothing can destroy a family faster than arguing over how to play Monopoly. Nobody plays that game right’ sympathised another fellow Monopoly player.