'You look tired' The 10 WORST things parents can hear from their non-parent friends

'You look tired'. Well obviously!

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Being a parent can be tough, but hearing irritating comments from friends who don't have any kids can make all those tricky small-human-wrangling situations seem that little bit worse.

When people unknowingly try and compare their (much easier) lives to yours, or even act like they know how to parent better than you can, it seriously makes you clench your fists.

In most situations, all you can ever really do is smile tightly and change the subject, even though you're screaming on the inside.

However, if they even dare to suggest that being a parent is too much and maybe not worth the hassle, you'll be the first person to defend your life and family, chaos and mess included!

We've rounded up the most headache-inducing quotes that people without kids say to parents, along with the answers you wish you could say back... Single, child-free friends of ours, take note!

'See, when I used to babysit, I did it this way, not that way.'

See, when I gave birth to an entire human being and dedicated my life to keeping it alive, I picked up a few tricks too!

'I looked after my nephew for a couple of hours last week and it nearly killed me!'

24/7 parenting and I'm still alive and kicking.

'You look tired.'

I'm running on about two and a half hours of sleep, so yeah, thanks.

'What?! You haven't watched Game of Thrones yet?'

I'm sorry, I was too busy taking care of a group of tiny humans to sit back and watch fantasy humans on the television.

'I am just so exhausted - I came back from clubbing at 4am and only got about 5 hours of sleep!'

When your newborn cries every hour through the night, sleep is a luxury item. Don't go whinging at me cos you wasted yours on the dance floor.

'Have another drink! You're free for tonight!'

I won't feel very 'free' tomorrow morning when my kids are shouting 'Mummy, why does your head hurt?!'

'God, I haven't had sex in over a week'

Try four months.

'I know exactly how you feel - my dog is basically like a child.'

Mmm no. Come back when your dog won't stop asking you how babies are made.

'We never hang out anymore!'

I'm done.

'I could never have kids. It seems like too much work.'

Being a parent is my favourite thing. Ever. Ignore all of the above.

What's the most annoying thing someone without children has ever said to you? Let us know in the comment box below!


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