Mum sparks privacy debate after ex takes snaps of their nine-year-old daughter in the bath

How old is too old?

A mum has sparked a fierce debate about taking pictures of children in the bath after receiving snaps from her ex of their nine-year-old daughter in the tub.

Many of us take pictures of our little ones in the bath, especially when they're little and look adorable surrounded by rubber ducks and bubbles. But how old is too old for bath photos?

This was the question a mum posed on a forum, which sparked a fierce debate on the topic.

The mother, who was writing under the username laureywilliams on Mumsnet, explained how she received snaps from her ex of their nine-year-old daughter in the bath.

She wrote: 'Ex has taken photo of dd (9) in bath. I think she's too old for this.'

In another post she added the water was opaque, and that her ex sent her the snap to show the coloured bubble bath.

How old is too old for children to be pictured in the bath?

Users were quick to offer their views on the situation, with many agreeing that nine is too old, and that she should be given some privacy.

'He shouldn't really do this again, coloured water or not. At 9 she should be afforded some privacy', one said, while another wrote '9 is far too old. Alarm bells would be ringing.'

Others commented: '4-5. But even then never to be shared on social media.'

'3 or 4ish, I guess. Or is older just a pic of their head or feet. Not at for showing others other than close family though - very odd when people post these on FB or similar.'

'My DD1 is 9 and no way she would be happy to have her photo taken naked in the bath. Wheres DD2 (age3) wouldn't bat an eyelid. Although I probably wouldn't take one anyway unless there were lots of bubbles. And certainly not on FB.'

Some users, on the other hand, thought it was acceptable, as long as the bubbles were covering their bodies.

'If there's bubbles or something covering private parts I think it's fine. Somewhere I've got a pictured of me aged about 10 with my younger male cousins aged about 6 and 8 all in my nan's huge jacuzzi bath together with bubbles up to our shoulders!'

How old do you think is too old for children to be pictured in the bath? Let us know in the comments!


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