Mum claims her unbearable psoriasis was caused by pregnancy

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  • Pregnancy means a lot of changes will happen to your body. Your skin will stretch, your breasts might get bigger, and you will need the toilet a lot more often.

    But now one mum has claimed that her pregnancy caused her to suffer from incredibly painful psoriasis.

    Chloe Lynam, 18, noticed her skin becoming red and blotchy while pregnant with her now 10-month-old baby, Jacob.

    By the time the new mum reached full term, huge wounds had developed on her skin and became scaly and flaking.

    Although Chloe believes the condition was triggered by the change in hormones during her pregnancy, after giving birth she still suffered from painful blotches all over her body.

    Speaking to The Mail Online about her ordeal, she said: ‘I would scream in pain and it was everywhere from the soles of my feet to my whole scalp.

    ‘I even had it on my fingertips which stopped me being able to straighten them properly.’

    Chloe has opened up about her struggle with the condition on social media, sharing a picture on Instagram of her legs saying: ‘I’ll never forget how bad my legs were 😑 I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy’.

    She added that the pain of her psoriasis meant she couldn’t even change her new baby’s nappy because it ‘hurt so much’ and she would just ‘cry every time’.

    However, after being diagnosed with psoriasis and given UV light treatment at hospital, Chloe’s skin improved massively. She also said that the support she’s received has really helped improve her self esteem.

    She said: ‘I’ve been getting loads of support on social media which has boosted my confidence as the positivity has enabled me to be more open about my skin.’

    Chloe’s mum also suffered from psoriasis and in an emotional Instagram post, Chloe opened up about he new appreciation for the struggle her mum faced.

    ‘A few years ago I used to look at my mums skin and wonder what it would feel like to have psoriasis. I never ever thought that I would end up getting it! Now I know exactly how my mum feels, the struggles she has had to face everyday for the past 18 years, the anxiety, the stress, the depression.’

    ‘I know how it feels to think you’re some sort of freak! My mum has always been and will always be a beautiful woman inside and out! She is my rock and my best friend, but most importantly she is my MUM and I love her with all my heart.’