Mum to Britain’s biggest family Sue Radford is pregnant with her 21st baby

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  • The Radford family are Britain’s biggest family and welcomed their 20th child, Archie in September last year

    Despite vowing that Archie would be the couple’s last child, Sue has fallen pregnant once again and conceived the couple’s twenty-first baby.

    The 42-year-old took to Instagram to announce the happy news and posted a photo of the baby scan.

    Writing in the caption Sue simply said: ‘We can’t wait to welcome you into the family precious little one. If you missed the vlog yesterday head over to watch it the link is in our bio #soblessed.’

    The family made a video for their Youtube Channel to accompany the announcement where they also revealed the baby’s gender – and their 21st child will be a little girl!

    Sue also posted a still from the moment the couple revealed their baby’s gender on Instagram. The couple can be seen holding confetti cannons that have just sprayed pink paper into the air and their faces are beaming with happiness.

    Sue captioned it with: ‘I love this picture so much 😍💗 #babygirl #family #love’.

    I love this picture so much 😍💗 #babygirl #family #love

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    Sue and Noel have been together since they were kids and welcomed their first child together 28 years ago when Sue was just 14-years-old.

    At the time, despite being very young, Sue and Noel were determined to keep the baby as they had both been put up for adoption themselves.

    He’s so scrummy 😍💙#mummysboy #8monthsold

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    Archie was supposed to be Sue and Noel’s last baby…

    Several people have offered the family their congratulations, with one person writing: ‘Very very very happy!! I love your family and I knew that mr Archie wouldn’t be the last!💕 lots of love x x’.

    Another wrote: ‘Aw yay!! So happy for you guys, congratulations. Another little blessing on the way💛’.

    The couple haven’t commented on whether their latest addition will be their last – we’ll just have to wait and see!

    Congratulations to Sue, Noel and the rest of the Radford family!