‘Her body and it’s her choice’ Mum causes controversy after dying two-year-old daughter’s hair bright PINK

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  • A video of a mum dying her two-year-old daughter’s hair hot pink has had more than a million views on Instagram – and received a heated reaction from other parents.

    Instagrammer Charity Grace Le Blanc, who has 253,000 followers as @charity.grace, posted the clip of her dying her daughter’s hair with the caption: ‘What do you guys think!? Would you let your daughter do this?! We used @manicpanicnyc hot pink! #pinkhair #pinkhairdontcare #hairdye.’

    In the video, mum Charity teases: ‘Pink hair? Is that what you want?’

    ‘Yes!’ cries her daughter, named City.

    The result? A hot pink new ‘do and big smiles all round.

    But in the comments, City’s controversial transformation has received a big reaction from social media users, with some claiming that the mum’s actions are ‘irresponsible’ and that she ‘should know better’.

    One user posted: ‘This is so irresponsible of you. Of course she’s going to want it.. She’s a kid! She doesn’t know what she wants! And you, the parent should know better! Shes going to be bald by the age of 20.’

    While another added: ‘I don’t like it she is a kid.’

    But amongst the criticism there were some more positive messages. One user @sarahsosour wrote: ‘Why is it bad that she’s getting her haired dyed by safe, vegan dye? It’ll wash out in a week and her hair will still feel just as lovely. Lucky the mother wasn’t irresponsible and bleached it! She’s a knowledgeable hairdresser and awesome mum.’

    Another added: ‘Absolutely love this. Thanks to this my daughter asked me to colour her hair.’

    A third revealed that they regularly dye their daughter’s hair, and felt that it was ‘her body, her choice’. ‘I’ve let my four year old do this and will again next week. Her body and it’s her choice. It washes out in a week and no bleach or other yuck. She likes having hair liked her mother.’

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