Mum donates 1,000 pints of breast milk to help feed other babies

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Sometimes breastfeeding can feel like too much when you have a new baby.

Waking up in the night to feed or pumping in the middle of Costa because you feel like you’re about to burst. It’s not always the easiest of tasks controlling your flow.

But one woman produces so much milk she's managed to feed dozens of other babies as well as her own.

California-based blogger Tabitha Frost suffers from a rare condition that means she supplies excess breast milk.

Frost’s hyperlactation syndrome means she produces three times more milk than the average breastfeeding mother.

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So that she can control the excess amount of milk, the mother-of-three has to pump every three hours and estimates that she produces approximately 90oz a day, the equivalent of just over two and a half litres.

Only 25oz, or 710ml, of that amount goes towards feeding her own eight-month-old daughter Cleo.

In order not to waste the rest, Frost donates the surplus milk to help other families feed their babies, and to date has given away almost 1,000 pints of her own breast milk.

Babies who are allergic to formula or who were born prematurely, which means that their own mothers would not be producing milk yet, are in need of donated breast milk.

Frost proudly contributes to the cause to manage her condition.

In order to make time for the excess pumping, as well as looking after her children, the mummy blogger wakes up at 2.30am each morning and pumps into her special 8oz bottles.

With two pumping stations in her house, the 29-year-old mum does the deed around 6 times a day and always has to make sure she’s fully equipped with pumping accessories wherever she goes.

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After pumping into sterilised containers, Frost then stores the milk in a designated freezer and reveals that she goes through at least 100 breast milk storage bags a week, which she donates to local mums and a milk bank.

The generous mother says that she enjoys contributing to the cause and doesn’t see herself stopping anytime soon.

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