Mum who enters two-year-old daughter into beauty pageants shocks This Morning viewers

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  • A mum who’s been entering her two-year-old daughter into beauty pageants since she was 18 months has come under fire after a controversial appearance on This Morning.

    Explaining why she started entering her daughter, Minnie-Beau, into beauty pageants, Jas Sullivan told This Morning’s Phillip and Holly that it all started when she copied her pout.

    ‘To me she was always a little performer. She was shining, she was always a little star’, Jas said. ‘She started pouting, she started blowing kisses. She just copied me one day, when I was pouting for a picture.’

    Her daughter’s extravagant pageant career sees Jas splashing out thousands of pounds on nail and hair treatments, make-up and special outfits for the little girl.

    ‘She does really really enjoy it, and it’s not often I have to bribe her. She does ask for make-up, she does ask for her nails to be painted’, she said.

    Sparking the debate even further, Holly asked Jas if she thought she was sending the wrong message to her child as to what beauty really is.

    ‘There’s natural pageants out there too, where the girls go make-up free’, the mum replied, defending the beauty pageant system.

    Mum and daughter sparked a big debate on children entering beauty pageants

    Phillip also confronted Minnie-Beau’s mum with another controversial reality of beauty pageants, saying that many people believe the contests over sexualise children.

    ‘When people start sexualising it, it throws me. They don’t say the same to toddlers who are on a beach’, Jas said.

    Viewers were quick to react on social media to the the mum’s comments, with most people saying they’re against entering young children in beauty pageants.

    Estella Joyce wrote on Twitter: ‘I think parents who enter their children into beauty pageants are living their dream not their child’s’.

    Ashley Gray was another viewer to took to social media to share her views on the subject, saying: ‘Why on earth would you put make up on a 2 year old girl?! Let them be a normal child’.

    But Jas isn’t alone. This week Katie Price also came under fire after revealing her eight-year-old daughter Princess would be entering an American beauty pageant, although she ruled out her wearing ‘fake tan, fake hair and fake nails’.

    What do you think, is two too young to be entered into beauty pageants

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