Mum issues warning about the dangers of Halloween makeup after son’s ‘horrific’ allergic reaction

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  • A mum has taken to social media to warn other parents about the dangers of Halloween make up and urge them to test the products before using it on their children.

    Alexandra Leigh Carter, from Australia, posted the cautionary post on Facebook, where she described what happened when she painted her son’s face for Halloween.

    Starting by saying that she did a skin test on her son to make sure the make up was fine to use – leaving it on his wrist for 20 mins – the mum then goes on to describe how he only had it on for three minutes before the products ‘severely burnt’ his face.

    Alexandra was doing a trial run ahead of Halloween, and is now sharing her scary experience to warn other parents to be very careful when applying products like this on their children’s faces.

    ‘After doing a skin test and it being fine, I proceeded to face paint my son with the Halloween Makeup Kit I purchased from Woolworths. This was only on him for 3 minutes and then had to immediately take him for a shower. It has severely burnt his skin’, she said in the post.

    ‘I’d like to share this to warn other parents. We did this as a trial run for Halloween and safe to say I’ll never be using face paint again. I’ve had his face painted countless time, though whatever is in your product is horrific. I’d like to see this product discontinued in case another child has to go through this or the parent that’s scared for her/his child. What rubbish!’, the mum wrote.

    After her initial post, Alexandra answered to concerned comments saying that her son’s skin had started to ‘settle down’ now, but it looked like he also had bruising under his eyes.

    ‘Even under his eyes were showing up like bruising. Absolutely scared the hell out of both of us. He asked “mum is my face now like this forever”‘, the mum said.

    The warning comes after parents were also told to be careful about letting children wear spooky cosmetic lenses for Halloween

    ‘Thank god its started to settle down. I’d hate to see what it could’ve done to Finn as his skin is super sensitive and I’ve never put a product on his skin as he reacts even to soap. If this was a result of only 3mins I couldn’t imagine the lasting effects it could’ve had on a child doing a night of trick or treating and being on for a couple of hours.’

    Responding to comments from people who say she should have checked the ingredients in the products or left the make up on longer when testing it, the mum said this could happen to any parents buying products that are aimed at children.

    ‘I had it on the top of his wrist for 20mins before applying. Not even the most conscious of mums can avoid something like this from happening when you purchase products intended for children’, she said.

    ‘I have painted his face numerous times and this being cheap I didn’t make an informed choice.’

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