‘It’s like someone rummaging around inside your body like a handbag’ Mum’s post reveals the reality of C-section

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  • While no birth story is the same, it’s fair to say that for most women, welcoming a child into the world is no walk in the park!

    One mum has taken to Facebook to share a selfie depicting the reality of C-sections, hoping to show that a cesarean is far from easy.

    Mum-of-three Vanessa Lewis Yeomans, 44, shared a photo of herself shortly after giving birth via C-section on Monday, with a post detailing how traumatic the procedure had been.

    Vanessa starts the post by explaining how she had been on her feet for some of her labour, but ended up having a C-section – which she describes as ‘having baby ripped out of your insides’.

    ‘C section selfie ….. when you have had a baby physically twisted inside you three times in two days.

    ‘Then laboured on your feet to try and push baby out naturally only to have to face your biggest fear of being cut open while you are aware of it and having baby ripped out of your insides whilst an audience smile at you and Your bowels and bladder then they are moved in order to get at said baby. Just another day at the office.’

    She continues by explaining that adjusting to life with a new baby after such a traumatic experience was far from easy, and reveals the side effects she endured.

    ‘Oh and then to add insult to injury they give you ibuprofen and paracetamol To go home with as pain relief tell you to lift breast feed and carry baby as normal.

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    ‘Are you joking me . I kid you bloody not. If a single person says having a baby is easy I might just be prone to strangling them with my bare hands today. That is if my hands would close properly due to the side effects of the spinal they gave me.’

    She finishes the post: ‘If I say something to offend . Tough I’m hormonal and ready to kill. Xx warrior woman on the edge.’

    Speaking to Mail Online about her experience, Vanessa said that no-one tells you what to expect from a C-section, but that women are amazing for what they endure during birth.

    ‘No one tells you that having a C section is like someone rummaging around inside your body like a posh handbag to find their favourite perfume and messing up its organised state of well being in order to get that baby out.’

    ‘Women are bloody amazing,’ she added.